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From Construction To Helping Buyers Achieve Success

Rob Panetta was always taught to put his money into the family home, pay it off and never branch out too far. But he knew there was more that he could achieve in life if he built a property portfolio that could help set him up for the future. Since purchasing his first property in …

Perth city skyline with river and trees: A picturesque view of Perth's skyline, with the river flowing alongside and trees adding a touch of greenery.

How To Become A Buyer’s Agent In WA

Are you considering becoming a buyer’s agent in Western Australia? Being a buyer’s agent can be an exciting and rewarding career choice that offers flexibility. And it is not just about closing deals. It is also about being a trusted advisor who helps people navigate the intricacies of real estate by providing essential support and …

Next-Level Service

One of the main reasons Marina Shatalova was able to grow her business and reputation so quickly, was the extremely high level of service she provides to her clients. The owner of Marble St Home Buyers Advocacy goes above and beyond for her clients and that’s been something that has seen demand for her services …

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  • Entry level program to deepening your understanding to operating as a Buyers Agent

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  • Coaching & Mentoring for Buyers Agents typically in their 1st year out in the filed

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  • Coaching & Mentoring for Buyers Agents who are Looking to strengthen their skills, increase revenue and optimise their performance

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  • Coaching and Mentoring for Buyers Agents looking to grow their team, develop their strategy, refine systems

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  • High performing Buyers Agents generating over 7 figures

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