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Everyone has a story to tell.

Accounting, Building and Helping Clients

With a background as an accountant, understanding the numbers in a property deal was never a problem for Anthony Spagnolo. However, it was a number of years after he started running the family accounting firm, that he realised that he wanted to pursue property as his full-time profession. “My background was accounting, having a family …

Helping Families Become Financially Free

Sateesh Palliyil has had a long history in property, having done his first subdivision nearly 20 years ago. Since then he has built up an impressive track record as an investor and developer having done a range of projects while working in the IT industry. His first property deal in Australia was a land subdivision …

Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

While Kylie Timms and Belinda Walters have had plenty of experience in property, they didn’t follow the traditional path to becoming buyer’s agents. The pair currently operate Location One – a successful buyers agency in Brisbane – however, they come from diversified industries. This is something they feel not only sets them apart but adds …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you enrol into BAI if you are working, and complete it part time?

Yes, of course. On a side note, just remember, some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs stayed in their day jobs even after they got started i.e. Phil Night kept his accounting job when getting Nike off the ground. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were studying full time when they kicked off Google. Many more examples like this. There can be a misconception about part time work. Plan before you execute

How is the program content delivered?

The content is delivered in an online environment, to be completed at your own pace. You simply just need a computer to participate and a thirst to learn. Our members are all over Australia and some based internationally.

How long is the program?

You cannot teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar. This training organisation is not designed for you to show up and become an overnight expert. If you expect instant success, maybe try the lottery. 

The program runs for 52 weeks of the year with lifetime access. There are 4 key pillars we utilise to achieve a success path for our members.

The Buyers Agent Accelerator program is our flagship product that some people refer to as their ‘Business In a Box’, this is designed to be completed in 8 weeks. Every week there is live group sessions, also called ‘Kaizen’ clinics. These are carried out to focus on optimisation and implementation. We have an incredible private community of like-minded people, that you get access too, that all contribute to an abundance mindset. 

Is it a requirement to have worked in real estate to enrol in BAI?

Short and simple answer. NO.