#15 – How To Build A Lifestyle By Design With Jack Henderson

by Ben Handler

August 31, 2020

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Becoming A Top Buyers Agent in Sydney

A common trait of successful people is that they carve the path of life through hard work, perseverance, and honesty. These are the attributes that have helped Mr. Jack Henderson built a lifestyle by design. He has achieved massive success as a Buyers Agent in Australia in a short period. This is the story of Jack and how he transformed his career from the construction industry to a top Buyers Agent in Sydney.

From a very young age, Jack had evaluated that school was not for him. He quit school at the age of 15, and by 18 he had bought his first property. Jack’s philosophy is that you need to learn from people who are in a position where you want to be. That is why he quit school and did not go through the formal education road.

He started his career as a heavy machinery operator in the mining industry. During his job in the mining industry, he was able to save money and buy multiple properties building a multi-million dollar portfolio. This is very rare for a person of his age and experience.

But like most careers out there, after some time, it gets stagnant and money cannot fill that void. The same was the case with Jack. He felt stuck in the job cycle and wanted to build his own business.

It was then he started dealing in property part-time. Working part-time gave him a taste of what freedom this line of work had to offer and he aimed to transform this part-time activity into a full-time business. He took a leap of faith saying goodbye to his job and started working full time as a Buyers Agent. Now he works 7 days a week and it does not feel like work at all.

The role of social media in becoming a Buyer's Agent

The Role of Social Media

Jack is a person full of confidence. He knew his full potential and wanted to live up to it. One of the secrets of Jack’s success has been social media. Many people do not know Jack’s story and his path to success. But through his Instagram channel, he has inspired many.

Just recently he met a very successful real estate agent who is doing 120 sales a year and he told Jack that he was motivated by his Instagram stories. Having his brand has helped him grow in one of the most competitive industries in Australia.

Jack has exploited the power of social media, establishing himself as a reliable Buyers Agent in Sydney. He shared his story on his podcast and started leveraging other people’s audiences. He probably did 30-40 podcasts. And that’s how he became a familiar face in the real estate industry. That is why people trust him because people recognize him.

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Standing Out In The Crowd

Jack has always been a purple cow and owes this attribute to Ben Handler. He achieves this not only through his personality but also his unique dressing sense. He is one of the very few real estate agents who does not wear a suit. Standing out in the crowd through his outfits makes him a talking point. He does not blend in, he stands out.

 No real estate agent who wears shorts. Jack wears them because they are comfortable. This mentality also works on social media. As opposed to people who are posting colorful pictures, Jack posts black and white photos. Because people need to notice you. It is necessary to build your brand.

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2020 Goals

For 2020, Jack has set some financial goals for which he is on track. Also, he wants to hire his Mom. He wants to work with his Mom so she can see him grow and capture all of this using a full-time videographer. This helps reinforce his personal brand all the while working with the person he loves the most. 

At the end of the day, Jack is a people’s guy. Building relationships with real estate agents have been easy for him. The reason is that he builds the relationship with the human being and not the profession. When he meets somebody for the first time, he is looking for relationship building, business comes naturally afterward. 

He has been very blessed in terms of being around successful people at a very young age. What he has learned and advises to newcomers is to not be like people in jobs who are chasing money. If you think reaching a certain dollar figure or acquiring assets will make you content, that’s not the case.

Follow your passion, happiness and money will come as a consequence.

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