#24 – This Is Why You Shouldn’t Trade Time For Money With Oliver Jackson

by Ben Handler

June 26, 2020

Buyers Agent Academy in Australia

People join the buyers’ agent profession from all walks of life. They could be in construction, healthcare, law, and then they have the eureka moment. Oliver Jacksons’ case is a prime example of that. Starting from the circus and ending up as a buyers agent, he has been through many professions. 

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A Diverse Background

Oliver Jackon is a seasoned buyers agent whose transformation is truly inspirational. He started off in a circus where he would do juggling etc. From there he moved to the hospitality sector, then fitness and finally in construction.

He was making a handsome amount of money in the construction business. But commuting around 3 hours every day for seven years was unforgiving. He used to work in the underground parking of unfinished buildings in the cold winters of Melburn. 

Not being able to see the sun and his kids enough was taking a toll. But he had a fighting spirit. He used to listen to podcasts and ebooks on this way back so as to maximize his effort towards transformation.

A typical trend in construction workers’ lives is that they are bad at money management. A lot of them wasted their money and Oliver did not want to follow this path.

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The Shift from construction

While in construction, Oliver was making around 300k a month, which is a lot. But he always wanted to start his own business. Going from 300k to 0 is not easy.  He came to know about the Buyers Agent Institute course that transforms people unhappy from their job to be their boss. This was very intriguing.

Oliver did the Buyers Agent Institute course, and immediately knew he had to make a shift. This goes on to show you the power of the best buyers agent academy in Australia. The course offered is detailed in the sense that it gives you clarity on how to achieve success as a buyers agent in Australia. This activated the change in him and motivated him to become a buyers agent

Unshackling handcuffs

Freedom and Flexibility

Now that he is a successful buyers agent, Oliver compares the advantages of quitting the 9-5. The most important aspect is the availability of time. Time is the most important commodity in the universe available to you. 

You can spend this time on yourself, your family, and creating your own business. Work-life balance is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. You could be working in a dead-end job and be unhappy or you could quit the 9-5 and become a buyers agent in Australia.

 Once you start to follow your dream, you don’t feel like you have worked a day since you become your boss. This is the freedom of becoming a buyers agent.

Now comes the flexibility, it is unhealthy and unnatural to wake up at 6 am in the morning and drive 1 hr to a job that keeps you stressed. As a buyers agent, you can have breakfast and lunch with your family and work as hard as you want at the same time. 

Selfcare and Family

The definition of success is free time, being mentally and physically fit.  People are stuck in jobs they don’t need to be. Pursuing his passion for becoming a buyers agent, Oliver now focuses on investors and properties that can be renovated and subdivided. He has used his experience in construction and relieved himself from stress.

He now enjoys a healthier, happier, and more successful life all thanks to the buyers’ agent institute course. 

Listen to the full podcast below.

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