#26 – Is Property An Addiction With Luke Moroney

by Ben Handler

June 10, 2020

How to become an authority buyer's agent

Training The Brain for Success

People achieve greatness through many avenues. But there is always one factor common in all of them. They have a strong brain. They train their brain to endure hardships, make tough decisions, and analytical thinking. These people always come strong on the other side.

There are many ways to train your brain e.g. therapy, experience. Luke Moroney, an established buyers agent has achieved mental strength through running. He has been running 7k for the past 800 days.

Using Facebook Live to share his daily accomplishment, this routine has allowed him to cement his reputation with thousands of people which in turn has helped him as a buyers agent

Building trust - wood block

Build Trust Through Consistency

Being consistent is one of the most important virtues for success. Staying focused day in and day out not only paves your way to success but also gains you the invaluable trust of those around you.

This trait will allow you to build connections in the industry because people recognize you as an authoritative figure. People trust the ones who have their lives and routines set according to a pattern. An inconsistent person is more likely to the defaulter.

Learn From The Experts, Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

In his talk, Luke emphasizes the importance of learning from the gurus. Reinventing the wheel is an absolute waste of time, time that in the buyers agent market is invaluable.

One way to do this is to increase knowledge and go to seminars. Meet with experts and exchange knowledge. Going to seminars, Luke understood what people have achieved in the property industry and how they have grown over the years. The key is to have a student mindset of learning.

See what the experts are doing and follow them. The same formula is applied by Buyers Agent Institute, one of the top training institutes for buyers in Australia. They have employed years of experience of hundreds of buyers agents and squeezed it into a training course for buyers agents. This course will help them become professional and successful buyers agents branching their own companies and expanding the industry.


Man holding box of possessions

Quit the 9-5, Beat The Fear

Much like the other buyer agents, Luke took the leap of quitting the 9-5 and starting his own business. He started by going to many seminars and learning from other people in the industry.

Steadily, he grew his portfolio, got exposed to more stock, and made relations with buyers agents. He soon started enjoying the freedom of work that came with being his boss.

As a buyer agent, you can choose your working hours and be flexible. Working on your passion does not feel like work anymore. You would be working on a Saturday night, talking
to people about the property, wealth creation, and mindset and not feel like working.

Now Is The Time To Buy

With this unfortunate pandemic engulfing the whole world, it has affected many businesses.

People will suffer mental health issues because of a shortage of wealth. It is important to introduce cash buffers as individuals, employees, and businesses.

But for buyers, it is the right time to buy. If you have cash available, now is the time to buy. The trick is to do inspections day in day out. That is how you will get to know about the best deal. But don’t forget to practice social distancing while doing it.

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