6 Properties By 23

by Ben Handler

September 12, 2023

By the time most young Australians are finishing up their studies, Toby Brown had already settled on his sixth investment property.

The now 24-year-old, purchased his first property when he was just 20 and in just a few short years, was able to grow a property portfolio that many retirees would be proud of.

Toby says that when he was starting out he knew that property was something that could set him up for the future.

He says he purchased his first property as a first home buyer with the help of the various grants and exemptions on offer and used that as an opportunity to learn.

From there he narrowed his focus and continued to expand his portfolio when he saw how it was possible to use the equity that he was very quickly building up.

“After a lot of research and narrowed down what I was looking for,” he explains.

“Back then I didn’t know as much as I do now, but it was a good property and that enabled me to get into my next one and so forth.”

Toby was also able to grow his portfolio when he was on a government salary which made him think that it would also be possible for others to achieve his level of success.

“I wanted to help other people in their journey because I knew how hard it was when you’re getting started,” he explains.

“When I started I was getting my advice from everyone and everywhere and I thought maybe there is a better way and potentially I could help them achieve what I have achieved.”

Toby then set up his business, The Property Source, aiming to help people build a property portfolio in the same way he did.

“I practice what I preach essentially,” he explains.

“I use the same strategy that I used to build my portfolio, basically buying properties under market value with strong cash flow in growth locations.”

Toby currently buys properties right across the country depending on where the best opportunities exist at the time.

He worked the the Buyers Agent Institute and says that it was critical in getting his business off the ground.

“It was really helpful,” he says.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without it.”

He says the course helped him understand all realms of running a BA business including how to set it up, how to better understand the client journey and how to manage your time effectively.

At this stage, Toby wants to continue to grow his business and help as many people achieve success as he possibly can.

For others looking to enter the industry, he says that you need to be passionate about property and helping others.

“It’s very achievable if you know what you’re doing,” he believes.

He says that if you’re coming into the industry with the goal of helping investors it’s also important that you are actively investing yourself and are passionate about real estate.

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