A Passion for Property

by Ben Handler

April 8, 2022

Buyer's agent Rebecca Sims

After a career in property that has spanned nearly 20-years, shifting focus to helping home buyers was a natural progression for Rebecca Sims.

Rebecca started her real estate journey as a property manager, before spending a number of years working with developers and also in project marketing and sales management.

“When I left school, I started off in property management whilst studying at uni, and I ended up working for a developer and handled all of his property management.”

“From there I went over and worked in a project marketing company who also did property management and I headed up the investment division there and ended up turning their portfolio into something profitable and something sellable.”

“I ended up selling their portfolio for them with a great profit because we tidied it up. So through that, I think I learned a lot about property.”

After discovering first hand that there was no one out there helping buyers when she was looking to buy a number of properties of her own, Rebecca felt there might be an opportunity to pursue a career assisting buyers.

“I’ve always had in the back of my mind how much I would love to help buyers and put them into property.”

“Here on the Gold Coast there was nothing like that around and I think when I was looking myself for property personally, I found it really hard because I was such a busy professional, I had no-one to help me.”

Despite an extensive background working with investors and buying investment properties herself, Rebecca has found a passion for working with owner-occupiers.

“The majority of my purchases have been for owner-occupiers and I feel like at the moment that’s where the market is for me.”

“I do a lot work around northern New South Wales and that is because I am from that area. I’m actually from the Tweed Valley so I know the area very well. So when I get a client that wants to buy acreage or that rural lifestyle, I’m all over it. I love it so much.”

After starting her own business, Rebecca managed to build some momentum, but it was tough early on.

“I was fortunate at the beginning when I decided I was going to start the business.”

“I launched my website and the first broker that I met with, the very next day he sent me a client and that client was excellent. The client also referred business partners to me later down the track, so I was really fortunate in that regard. But after that one client, I struggled to get the next one.”

“I’m not going to sit here and say once you start it’s just smooth sailing, because that’s certainly not the case. You do have to keep going and there’s plenty of times where I thought this is just too hard. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and all the rest of it – but every time I felt like that, within a matter of days something positive would come my way.”

Rebecca worked with Ben and BAI when she was establishing her business and the support network was incredibly beneficial.

“The course itself gives you a really great foundation for starting in this business, whether it be by yourself or going and working for somebody else. It’s something that you can constantly tap into.”

“But working with Ben himself, I just found him so supportive. He must spend all day talking to people. I think the thing is with him, and you can see it, is that he actually genuinely cares about the people that are coming through his business. He wants to genuinely see you succeed. So I think that’s really nice.”

Rebecca’s goal moving forward is to continue to grow her business organically and keep helping as many owner-occupiers as she can.

“In the future, I’d like the business to be bigger than what it is, but at the moment I’m after organic growth because I feel like that’s how I’m learning along the way as well.”

“In five years I just hope that it’s everything I hoped for and more. I’m enjoying what I’m doing at the moment, I really am. I love working in this area along the Coast and down into northern New South Wales especially so I want to keep doing that.”

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