Is becoming a Buyers Agent easy?

Firstly, performing well in anything requires consistent effort, discipline, diligence. Becoming a Buyers Agent is by no means easy. If you expect it to be easy, we would strongly suggest you do not embark on a career as a Buyers Agent

Is it guaranteed that I can do well like some of the members of BAI?

Absolutely not. No results of any BAI member that you see is a guaranteed reflection of what you can achieve. There are members in our program who do not achieve the results that they expected – that is part of the process. You should not be making decisions based on other people’s results, we recommend that you need to believe in yourself and commit to applying your effort based on your individual objectives. AT BAI we showcase success to demonstrate what can be achieved – just remember, not everyone gets the results they want, that’s how to cookie crumbles, so don’t fool yourself.

What is a Buyer’s Agent and why do people use us?

Can I enrol with BAI if I am working, and complete it part time?

How is the program content delivered?

The Buyer’s Agent Institute Accelerator Program content is delivered in an online environment which can be completed at your own pace, to work within your other commitments. You just need a computer to participate and be hungry to learn. Our members are all over Australia and some are even based internationally.

We pride ourselves on coaching and mentoring outside of the online course environment. We have 7 coaches that train our members in a live format every week of the year – called coaching clinics.

These coaching clinics focus on:

– Property research and analysis
– Mindset
– Technology and business systems
– Marketing & Automation
– Sales
– Owner Occupier service delivery
– General Q&A
– Client management and fulfilment

How long is the program?

This coaching and training organisation is not designed for you to show up and become an overnight expert. That takes time for any new skill, but in this institute, you will learn everything you need to know to slay the market.

The Buyer’s Agent Accelerator Program is designed to be completed over 7-weeks, however you can complete it at your own pace. We have designed the entire program, both online and coaching so you are supported and able to ask for help any time along the way.

During and after the 7-week Accelerator Program there is ongoing training every week of the year to embrace and activate ongoing learning. Our coaches run live coaching clinics every week, and once you are in the Buyer’s Agent Institute Accelerator Course you can attend weekly coaching clinics run by our 7 coaches for the first 12 months of your subscription.

What happens after the training?

We don’t just leave you with the training and that’s all. We provide mentoring, coaching and support groups along the way and help you to place in the industry depending on what your goals are. We have different levels of programs, coaching and mentoring available for you as you become a star in the Buyer’s Agent Industry.

For example, once you have completed the Accelerator program, we have an Everest Program which provides members with ongoing coaching and mentorship. We provide this ongoing support because we want to see you succeed.

Is it a requirement to have worked in real estate to enrol in BAI?

No. However, you will need to get a real estate licence to work in the Real Estate Industry, dependent on your situation and objectives. BAI does not provide qualifications pertaining to licences. Think of BAI as an upskill or next level up from a Real Estate Agent, BAI unlocks your potential to skyrocket your income.

We have done the research for you on what you need to be a Buyer’s Agent, starting from not knowing anything about the industry, and will share everything we know with you.

Can you help me with job placement within the industry once I am a Buyer’s Agent?

Absolutely! BAI is a part of a large community of business owners who are always looking for the next up and coming star. No matter what role you suit, we will know someone in our community looking for new talent. Someone like you. BAI is not just a learning Institution; it is a community of supportive members who look out for each other.