Accounting, Building and Helping Clients

by Ben Handler

October 30, 2020

With a background as an accountant, understanding the numbers in a property deal was never a problem for Anthony Spagnolo.

However, it was a number of years after he started running the family accounting firm, that he realised that he wanted to pursue property as his full-time profession.

“My background was accounting, having a family accounting firm for 12 years, which I took over from my father.”

“My father was already an avid property investor and had a side property investment business as well.”

“We were doing all sorts of different property developments, residential units, land sub-divisions, commercial, industrial. A broad range of things that gave me a real insight from the DA approval process all the way through to completion.”

After leaving the accounting business, Anthony decided to take on property full time and also focused on building.

“Along the way I was project managing some jobs, I got my builder’s licence as well and I was also investing in our own projects.”

“I had around five years of experience doing my own developments outside the family group, which was mainly townhouses and duplexes Sydney-wide, which I was project managing.”

After building up the property side of his business, he started to run into issues with the number of projects he could handle and decided he needed to change things up.

“Around a year and a half ago I realised that I was getting limited with my buying capacity and the number of projects I could do at any one time. “

“I needed a new challenge and I missed working with clients from an accounting perspective so that’s where my property advisory business came about.”

With an extensive background in building and development, Anthony began focusing on new stock and identifying opportunities for clients that often come directly from developers. He also recognised that there was a whole in the market after working with a number of buyers agents in his previous business that didn’t add value to their clients.

As he was getting established as a buyers agent, Anthony discovered the BAI which helped him in a range of areas, particularly with sales and lead generation.

“I started things off with Ben last April and got my real estate licence mid last year. It was a bit of a learning experience all around especially with lead generation.”

“Ben focuses on having a process and a system and not coming from a sales background it took some real adjustments. Early on it was a hard slog, but in the last four or five months I’ve actually felt something shift, which is great.”

Even though Anthony had a background in property, there was still plenty to take away from the BAI program.

“I had already a bit of a real estate background to a certain extent in selling some of our own projects off the plan. However, Ben’s course was totally different because you have to sell a client on your value and why they should pay a fee to engage you and also to source that property.”

Going forward Anthony’s goal is to continue helping clients and grow his business.

“I want to see clients as repeat business going forward, helping them grow their portfolio.”

“It’s good to see other people being able to what we’ve done ourselves, as an investor. A lot of people come to you for advice and sometimes you take it for granted the knowledge that you have thorough experience and it’s good to help people that are starting and then educate them and move them on to bigger and better things.”

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