Ashish Nanda: Partnering with Buyers

by Ben Handler

February 12, 2024

With a background in sales and an entrepreneurial drive, Ashish Nanda felt that there was a lot of potential for him to build wealth with property.

The business owner embarked on a career as a listing agent and managed to sell seven properties within his first three months. However, when he discovered that there was also room to work for buyers and even find opportunities to partner with others he quickly realised the scale of the opportunity was much bigger than he first realised.

“What I saw as a buyer agent is that it is a different business than listing,” Ashish says.

“One is sales and the other we help the buyers to increase their investment portfolio or help them buy their properties.”

After embarking on his journey to help buyers, he personally saw his own property portfolio increase from $600,000 to over $3 million in just over a year.

Ashish launched his own buyer’s agency, Angel Buyers Agency but took a different approach than many other people in the industry. Instead of just helping buyers find properties, he looked to find ways to partner with other people to purchase properties together.

He says that he will often look to buy new properties in quality locations in Sydney and in many cases will partner with his clients so they are both contributing some form of equity to the deal. Ashish will get paid for his time from the builder and not the client. But both of them will win from the upside.

According to Ashish, he’s been able to build up a large network of referral partners including mortgage brokers who have been able to help him grow his portfolio and his business rapidly.

“If I am convinced that this property is going to grow and I have the money and you want to be a partner, then why shouldn’t I do that?” he says.

Ashish also has his listing business that he continues to operate, called Angel Properties which is focused on the northwest of Sydney.

Ashish worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says what he’s learnt has been life-changing.

“It was the best decision I have ever made,” he believes.

“There is nothing like this on the market.

“It changed everything for me.

“I think this is also the type of training that every single person should have, especially in Australia.

“It’s networking, it’s negotiation, it’s a detailed knowledge of property in Australia as a whole.”

Ashish says that while he’s been able to launch his career very quickly, there have still been challenges but he always referred back to the course.

“If I’m ever missing something, I always go back to the training modules or I go to the network of buyers agents,” he explains.

“My network is now over 200 people so I know who to call if I need anything.”

Looking forward, Ashish hopes to keep growing his company profits from both listing and buying and across his capital gains from his portfolio.

He says for others looking to enter the buyer’s agent space, it’s important to give every client the highest level of service.

“Take your customer’s money and treat it like it’s your own,” he believes.

“Don’t just do the work to make some fees.

“It’s far bigger than that.”


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