#12 – Here Is What Happens After 15 Years Of Property Investing With Ben Plohl

There are very few people who have the strength and vision to change their careers. Most stick with their profession for better or for worse. Career evolution is a continuous process, and one must evaluate the ROI in switching.

Trusted Buyers Agent in Australia

This is the story of Mr. Ben Plohl who is a seasoned Buyers Agent in Australia. Ben has been investing in Australia for 15 years at a national level. His background is from the financial sector where he has worked both at an executive level and a CFO level. He is also a chartered accountant, so he loves crunching numbers, a trade that has come in real handy in the Buyers Agent domain. Saying goodbye to the corporate sector, He now runs his Buyers Agent business called BFP property. He is also buying property for his clients at a national level.

Ben’s experience in the financial sector has helped him massively in boosting his business. He has signed 10 clients in the last 2 weeks alone. He didn’t expect the business to grow so quickly. Initially, he didn’t think of becoming a Buyers Agent but looking at the growth and success he made it his full-time profession.

Transitioning into the Buyers Agent Role

Ben’s transition was a big leap of faith. He did the training from Buyers Agent Institute which really helped him set the course for success. Previously, he had used buyers agents to help in building his portfolio, so he understood the process. Ben started part-time in the beginning, consulting for his peers as a Buyers Agent. But for 5 months he has started his own company and is working full-time as a Buyers Agent in Australia.

Starting and running your own business is never easy. But Ben’s background has helped him work the financial and operations side of the business. He really enjoys the flexibility and now spends more time with his family. When clients meet him, most of them have confidence in him because of his background as a chartered accountant. This confidence is a reflection of his honesty. He is only investing for clients in locations he has personally invested in.

Ben is only working with residential properties at the moment. He has done a couple of deals in the owner-occupied space. He doesn’t really prefer to deal with investors but he has helped some in buying their new homes. Some people still do not know about Buyers Agent and Ben has to explain to them the value he adds to the deal. He also mentors newcomers in all things related to the property giving back to the industry whenever he can.

He is mainly working with busy professionals. Since they are short on time, Ben helps them with search and stock availability which are the two main pinpoints. For them, leveraging off a buyer’s agent is like an insurance policy. Since they have access to the data.

Negotiating with a real estate agent has been really interesting for Ben because he wants the best deal for his clients. He is not doing property management. He puts clients in contact with other professionals for that.

The Majority of Ben’s clients come from his personal network. Some referrals come from partners e.g. mortgage brokers. The rest comes from social media marketing. He has now engaged some marketing assistance. Creating systems and processes using technology.

You can listen to the full podcast below and know more about Ben’s awesome transition from the financial sector to becoming a reputed Buyers Agent in Australia.