How to Become a Buyer’s Agent in Victoria

Aerial view of properties located in Melbourne, Victoria

How To Become a Buyer’s Agent in Victoria

Thinking of becoming a buyer’s agent in Victoria? Great move!

The career of a buyer’s agent can be thrilling, rewarding, and flexible. But it’s not all making deals. It’s about being a key advisor people rely upon to navigate through the complexities of real estate – by offering crucial insights and support. 

Our team at Buyer’s Agent Institute understands the overwhelm when it comes to getting started in the industry. So we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to become a buyer’s agent.

Why Become a Buyer’s Agent?

With Melbourne’s real estate market constantly growing, the demand for skilled buyer’s agents is on the rise. This is fantastic news, as it presents a wealth of opportunities for those ready to step into this rewarding profession.

If you were to become a buyer’s agent in Victoria, the benefits extend beyond helping others. 

This career offers:

      • Flexibility
      • The potential for high earnings 
      • The satisfaction of running your own business
      • A dynamic and engaging work environment (where no two days are the same)
      • Opportunities for personal and professional growth, and
      • The ability to shape the future of the real estate market through expert advice and guidance.

By becoming a buyer’s agent, you’d also become a negotiator and trusted advisor. That means your role would be pivotal in matching clients with their ideal homes or investment opportunities – ensuring they make informed, significant life decisions with confidence. 

Buying a house, especially in the Melbourne market, can be a very difficult and emotional journey. So here’s your opportunity to make an impact. You can help others by understanding the market, paperwork, and everything needed to buy a property on their behalf. And removing the stress.

That’s right – this career path allows you to contribute positively to individuals’ lives. What a rewarding experience!

Who Can Become a Buyer’s Agent?

So, who’s cut out to become a buyer’s agent in Victoria? 

Whether you’re coming from a background in sales, marketing, or even a completely different field, what truly matters is your drive to dive deep into the property market. 

It’s a career path well-suited for those who:

      • Have a genuine passion for real estate
      • Thrive in dynamic environments 
      • Have strong communication skills
      • Have a knack for negotiation, and 
      • Enjoy working with people.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of making the property buying process smoother and less stressful for others, while also enjoying the perks of flexible working conditions and the thrill of closing deals, this could be your calling. 

Worried that you don’t have the right skills? Don’t worry!

The Buyer’s Agent Institute will give you everything you need to become a successful Buyer’s Agent via the BAI 7-Week Accelerator Program.  Our popular buyer’s agent course in Melbourne emphasises the importance of mastering the basics and fostering innovative approaches to real estate problem-solving. As a result, participants emerge as knowledgeable, versatile real estate professionals who possess a deep understanding of their field.

Find out more here.

Steps to Become a Buyer’s Agent in Victoria

Becoming a buyer’s agent in Victoria comes down to several key steps – starting with diving into the local real estate market (if you haven’t already) and becoming familiar with the industry. 

You also need to ensure you have all the educational requirements, licencing and certification, and have ways to build up your experience.

Let’s delve into the specifics of each step involved – ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the journey ahead.

Educational Requirements

If you’re keen to become a buyer’s agent, signing up for education and training is your first pivotal step. 

In Victoria, there is an entry-level qualification, which requires completion of at least the 5 core modules of the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practise (CPP41419) This is the nationally recognised qualification for buyers agents. You’ll need to complete 18 modules, which must include the 5 core modules and your choice of 13 electives from the 51 options available.

To kickstart your own business as a buyer’s agent, you then need to complete a Diploma of Property (Agency Management) (CPP51122). You’ll need to complete 12 units of competency, including the 7 core units and 5 electives.

However, there are no separate courses relevant to becoming a buyer’s agent. 

If you’re looking for a buyers agent course in Melbourne, we recommend undergoing the Buyer’s Agent Institute’s fast-tracked 7 week program.

Licensing and Certification

In Victoria, securing your real estate agent licence is essential for becoming a buyer’s agent for legal reasons and credibility. 

This comprehensive process involves meeting educational prerequisites, passing a detailed examination, and submitting an application to the Victorian Business Licensing Authority (VBLA). The VBLA ensures applicants adhere to the highest standards of legal and ethical practices, crucial for protecting client interests. 

But the journey doesn’t end once you have your licence.

You need to continue with mandatory ongoing professional development to stay current on industry standards, legislative changes, and market trends. This is so you can meet your commitment to professionalism within Victoria’s real estate sector.

Gaining Experience

To become a buyer’s agent in Victoria, you need to be committed to gathering hands-on experience. 

We recommend working closely with seasoned professionals to gain invaluable insights into handling clients and mastering negotiation tactics. Consider seeking internships, assistant positions, or mentorships in well-established real estate firms to get practical exposure. 

Additionally, you could engage with professional circles and real estate associations to open up further learning and advancement opportunities. This will help sharpen your skills and lay a solid groundwork for your career in the real estate industry.

Tips for Success

Here are some more tips to help you with your new career path:

      • Focus on building a robust network. Connect with industry professionals via networking events and join real estate associations. 
      • Keep learning. Embrace new technologies, attend seminars and workshops, and read up on the latest market insights to enhance your expertise. 
      • Develop strong communication and negotiation skills. This is key for fostering a reliable reputation. 
      • Work on your personal branding. Establish a strong online presence and offer exceptional service to encourage word-of-mouth referrals. 

Ultimately, perseverance and adaptability are your best assets if you’re determined to become a buyer’s agent!

Kick Start Your Buyer’s Agent Career Today!

Embarking on a career as a buyer’s agent in Victoria is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for growth and success. 

From understanding the market to obtaining the necessary education, licensing, and gaining hands-on experience, every step prepares you for a rewarding career in real estate. 

If you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a buyer’s agent, the Buyer’s Agent Institute offers a comprehensive program to get you there. Explore the program here.

Ashish Nanda: Partnering with Buyers

With a background in sales and an entrepreneurial drive, Ashish Nanda felt that there was a lot of potential for him to build wealth with property.

The business owner embarked on a career as a listing agent and managed to sell seven properties within his first three months. However, when he discovered that there was also room to work for buyers and even find opportunities to partner with others he quickly realised the scale of the opportunity was much bigger than he first realised.

“What I saw as a buyer agent is that it is a different business than listing,” Ashish says.

“One is sales and the other we help the buyers to increase their investment portfolio or help them buy their properties.”

After embarking on his journey to help buyers, he personally saw his own property portfolio increase from $600,000 to over $3 million in just over a year.

Ashish launched his own buyer’s agency, Angel Buyers Agency but took a different approach than many other people in the industry. Instead of just helping buyers find properties, he looked to find ways to partner with other people to purchase properties together.

He says that he will often look to buy new properties in quality locations in Sydney and in many cases will partner with his clients so they are both contributing some form of equity to the deal. Ashish will get paid for his time from the builder and not the client. But both of them will win from the upside.

According to Ashish, he’s been able to build up a large network of referral partners including mortgage brokers who have been able to help him grow his portfolio and his business rapidly.

“If I am convinced that this property is going to grow and I have the money and you want to be a partner, then why shouldn’t I do that?” he says.

Ashish also has his listing business that he continues to operate, called Angel Properties which is focused on the northwest of Sydney.

Ashish worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says what he’s learnt has been life-changing.

“It was the best decision I have ever made,” he believes.

“There is nothing like this on the market.

“It changed everything for me.

“I think this is also the type of training that every single person should have, especially in Australia.

“It’s networking, it’s negotiation, it’s a detailed knowledge of property in Australia as a whole.”

Ashish says that while he’s been able to launch his career very quickly, there have still been challenges but he always referred back to the course.

“If I’m ever missing something, I always go back to the training modules or I go to the network of buyers agents,” he explains.

“My network is now over 200 people so I know who to call if I need anything.”

Looking forward, Ashish hopes to keep growing his company profits from both listing and buying and across his capital gains from his portfolio.

He says for others looking to enter the buyer’s agent space, it’s important to give every client the highest level of service.

“Take your customer’s money and treat it like it’s your own,” he believes.

“Don’t just do the work to make some fees.

“It’s far bigger than that.”


Raghav & Monika: 12 years Building, Developing and Investing

In over 12 years as property investors and developers, Monika Muthyam and Raghav Saggar have been able to transact over $30 million worth of real estate and also take on a range of award-winning building projects.

Coming from a professional background, Monika and Raghav knew that they wanted to build independent wealth and their passion for real estate drew them to investing.

Monika completed her first residential property development at the age of 19 and Raghav sourced and bought his initial investments at the age of 21. After finding early success, they realised that this was the right path for them.

“We started our journey very young,” Monika says.

“My Dad was my role model and he was always in this space, so I would learn from him and I got a great understanding of the whole process through his mentorship and advice.”

The couple worked in their professional careers for many years and spent their spare time taking on property developments and finding investment properties.

“We’ve been constantly investing, building architectural custom homes and doing residential development right across Australia,” Monika says.

“We kept growing our portfolios as a hobby, and have transacted over $30 million in property doing it all for ourselves.”

Their latest architecturally designed home has recently won a design award and also will set the record for the highest sales price in the entire district.

After finding so much success personally, the couple started to get approached by friends, family and members of their local community to help them build their own property portfolios and undertake projects.

“We started to spread out our research and not only do it for ourselves but also to help benefit others,” she explains.

“For us, the core of it is that we want to bring financial growth to as many people as possible.”

“We’ve never been precious about information ourselves because we find happiness in helping others.”

Raghav says that they have always tried to help others with property and investing and that’s why becoming a buyers agent was a natural fit.

“We were always more than happy to help anyone with property or finance,” Raghav says.

“It’s all about giving them that confidence and empowering them with knowledge as well, so they can take that next step.”

Raghav says they were able to become financially free with the help of property and now want to help others do the same.

The pair set up their buyer’s agency, Power to the Buyer and now help buyers find high-quality investment properties (even through SMSF), buy existing or building their own homes and residential developments right across the country.

Given their passion and dedication, within two weeks of launch, the couple were able to purchase six properties for clients and had a long pipeline of clients looking to use their services.

Raghav believes their big difference is their experie
nce and knowledge in development.
“One big advantage we have is our ability to identify properties with development potential,” he explains.

“Not a lot of people understand everything that can be done with a certain property.

“We also take the next step and talk to councils and town planners to make sure our clients are getting quality properties.

He says they ensure that they purchase in high-growth areas and prioritise properties with development potential so clients can maximise their returns with multiple options and strategies.

“We know what’s possible, what it’s going to cost and we also do a detailed feasibility so it’s clear,” he says.

Raghav says they also help clients build as well as manage projects and source land.

Monika says they also focus on developing investment strategies so people can reach their financial goals over time and understand what they need to do to get there.

Raghav and Monika worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and say it was a crucial step in getting their business off the ground in the right way.

“I did the course even with over 12 years experience in property and it was a big advantage as it really helps you fast track the launch of your business,” Raghav says.

“It teaches you how to enter the market, capitalise on your network and generate leads.

“The amount of detail and knowledge that Ben goes into, it really helps.”

Looking forward, Raghav and Monika are going to continue to expand their business. They are hoping to purchase over 50 properties this year on behalf of their clients.

“We want to go as far as it can take us,” Raghav says.

“This is a place that we’re very passionate about, that we have proven results and expertise in so we don’t want to put a ceiling on where we can go,” Monika says.

“We want to make this as successful as possible.”

From Science to Property

Luciana Bassi Bucater bought her first property in 2009 and immediately knew it was a fantastic way to build wealth and set her family up for the future.

She continued to buy properties, however, when she ultimately purchased a unit that underperformed, the scientist started to ask herself why it didn’t achieve the growth that the other properties did. It was that moment that changed her path forever, as she started learning everything she could about property and began targeting properties that were ripe for capital growth.

“Once I’ve learned how to learn to select suburbs early in the growth cycle, then it became quite an enjoyable journey,” Luciana says.

“I sold the unit and then I started buying based on the data and the insight that the data was giving me.

“I kept on buying for ourselves but then started using data to help friends and family.”

With her background in science and numbers, Luciana started using a data-driven approach to finding the areas that were likely to see future capital growth and that led to the value of her portfolio continuing to grow rapidly.

After getting a huge amount of interest from those around her, Luciana realised that this was something she could then potentially do as a business.

“I love real estate, so every spare moment I had, I was reading or listening to podcasts on real estate,” she said.

“So I thought it makes sense for me to change careers.”

Luciana then set up Bassi Property Buyers and started working part-time with the goal of transitioning out of her full-time job. She says that over time the business has really started to grow.

“It’s snowballing,” she says.

“It’s amazing to see that if you do something well, and you get your client’s trust, it’s just a matter of time until everything falls into place.”

Luciana’s main focus is on helping investors find high-quality properties that are in the early stages of the growth cycle with the help of data. She also works with first homebuyers who are looking not only for a home but also a good investment that will grow in value.

Luciana worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says the program makes the process of getting started a lot smoother.

“I really like the business in a box,” she explains.

“Ben’s complied a list of everything that needs to be done, so normal people without a background in business can get started quickly.”

She says the community is amazing as well.

“I already have quite a few good friends now and we did the assistant agent course together,” she says.

“And we are able to bounce ideas off each other and touch base regularly.”

Looking forward, Luciana wants to continue to grow her business and is hoping to transition out of her job by June next year.

She also wants to take on more clients but is mindful of keeping up the high level of service that she is known for.

For other people looking to get into the industry, Luciana says that you just need to trust the process and keep working at it.

She also says that the great thing about the industry is that even if you don’t have all the skills you need right away, there are always opportunities for new buyer’s agents to team up and work together.

“Some people engage with me or others who are good with the data crunching,” she says.

“They let us do the suburb selection and then they go out and do the the property sourcing within the suburbs that we select.

“So it really is about teamwork and trusting the process.”

How to Become a Buyer’s Agent in QLD

Aerial view of properties located in Brisbane, Queensland

How To Become a Buyer’s Agent in QLD

A buyer’s agent is a real estate industry professional who works on behalf of property buyers. They represent the buyer’s interests throughout the property purchasing process, assist clients in finding suitable properties, negotiate prices, handle paperwork, and offer guidance based on the buyer’s needs. 

Possessing a concrete understanding of real estate, purchase agreements, and the QLD market will position you squarely at the forefront of valuable resources for new homeowners. Strong communication and effective negotiation skills are critical for success, and building a vast network significantly enhances your prospects.

Are you considering a career as a buyer’s agent in Queensland? Understanding the process of how to become a buyer’s agent is crucial for an impactful career. 

For individuals looking to excel in the real estate market, follow this ultimate guide on how to become a buyer’s agent in QLD.

Why Become a Buyer’s Agent?

Queensland is home to a thriving real estate market. The state’s diverse landscape, strong economy, affordable living options, and attractiveness to both domestic and international buyers make it an attractive destination for those looking to become a buyer’s agent.

The real estate industry offers a plethora of opportunities for those seeking to make a positive impact on the lives of homebuyers and property investors.

Becoming a buyer’s agent in Queensland offers several advantages and a wide array of promising career prospects. The demand for buyer’s agents continues to climb due to the distinct benefits they provide to clients.

If you’re after a fulfilling and rewarding career in a dynamic industry, and you have a passion for real estate, strong communication skills, and a genuine desire to assist others, becoming a buyer’s agent could be the perfect career move for you.

Who Can Become a Buyer’s Agent?

To become a buyer’s agent, certain qualifications and experience are needed. This typically includes a minimum of one year of real estate experience working in property sales. Additionally, the completion of an agent’s representative course is typically desired. This course can be completed through a TAFE-accredited program, which usually lasts around five days.

To practice in this role legally, individuals must hold either a valid real estate agent’s licence or a Certificate of Registration if operating under the supervision of a licenced real estate agent.

If you are working under a principal licensee, securing a registration certificate will be sufficient. However, if you are looking to independently operate as a principal licensee, you’ll need to obtain a real estate license.

Steps to Become a Buyer’s Agent in QLD

The journey to become a buyer’s agent in Queensland requires determination and a fairly structured approach. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through this process so that you can establish yourself as a buyer’s agent in no time:

    1. Eligibility Requirements

First, you must meet the citizenship, educational, and experience requirements laid out by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). 

2. Real Estate Course

Enrol in and complete a Real Estate Licensee course that is accredited by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).

3. Real Estate Licence Examination

Sit for the REIQ’s Real Estate Licence Examination to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in real estate principles and practices. You must pass the Real Estate Licence exam before applying for a Real Estate Agent’s licence.

4. Apply for a Licence

Submit an application to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for a Real Estate Agent licence. This should include all required supporting documents and your exam results.

5. Professional Indemnity Insurance (recommended)

Obtaining Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance protects businesses in the event of a client claiming a financial loss due to alleged negligence or breach of professional duty from the services you or your business rendered. Most businesses will already have this, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are covered.

Educational Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree or higher is preferred to become a buyer’s agent, but relevant diploma qualifications or experience are also considered. The REIQ offers an all-inclusive Real Estate Licensee course that covers all aspects of property law, market analysis, negotiation strategies, and ethical practices.

These educational qualifications serve as the starting point for beginning a career in the real estate industry.

Licensing and Certification

If you’re wondering how to become a buyer or purchasing agent in Queensland, you must first obtain a Real Estate Agent licence from the Office of Fair Trading. The licensing process involves completing a recognised real estate course, passing the exam, as well as meeting other eligibility requirements.

Navigating the licensing process is a critical component of becoming a licensed buyer’s agent in Queensland.

Gaining Experience

Gaining relevant hands-on experience is pivotal to your success as a buyer’s agent. You may be able to gain experience by networking within the real estate industry, shadowing a buyer’s agent to observe a day in the life, and either volunteering or interning in related real estate roles.

Tips For Success

Things like networking, continuous learning, fostering client relationships and marketing are crucial to excelling in your career as a buyer’s agent.

  • Networking: Building strong relationships with fellow industry professionals, brokers, and property developers.
  • Continuous Learning: Staying ahead of market trends, regulatory changes, and negotiation strategies to enhance your knowledge and expertise.
  • Agent-Client Relationship Management: Prioritising client satisfaction by providing exceptional service, expert knowledge, timely communication, and attention to detail.
  • Digital Marketing: Using various online platforms such as social media to build a strong online presence, promote your services, display testimonials, and attract potential clients.

Kick Start Your Buyer’s Agent Career Today!

The path to becoming a successful buyer’s agent in Queensland is achievable with dedication, a love for real estate, and a genuine passion for helping others. By following the steps outlined in this guide and embracing the opportunities that come your way, you can establish a rewarding career in Queensland’s blossoming real estate industry.

The path to becoming a Buyer’s Agent in Queensland necessitates specific qualifications, education, licensing, and experience. Don’t wait until it’s too late; take the first step towards a rewarding career in this thriving industry today!

How to Become a Buyer’s Agent in NSW

Aerial view of properties located in Sydney, New South Wales.

How To Become a Buyer’s Agent in NSW

Why Become a Buyer’s Agent?

Becoming a buyer’s agent offers a highly rewarding and financially lucrative career path. Since the real estate industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, you’ll get the opportunity to learn and stay updated on market trends, new regulations, and industry developments. This ongoing learning helps you remain at the forefront of the industry and enables you to provide valuable guidance to your clients in the search for their dream properties.

When you become a buyer’s agent, you also get ample opportunities for personal growth and skill development, particularly in networking and contract negotiation. This allows you to expand your skill set and paves the path for professional success and personal fulfillment. A career as a buyer’s agent also allows you to set your work hours and manage your schedule at your convenience. This can lead to a better work-life balance and the ability to pursue other personal interests and commitments.

Who Can Become a Buyer’s Agent?

Individuals from various backgrounds and different skill sets can become buyer’s agents. Here are some examples of who has the potential to be a buyer’s agent: 

  • Real estate professionals may transition into becoming buyer’s agents. The knowledge they already possess of the market and property transactions can be of assistance to buyers. 
  • Property enthusiasts who want to help others navigate the buying process can become a buyer’s agent. While they may have yet to gain prior experience, their enthusiasm for learning can help them be successful in the field. 
  • Customer service professionals looking to switch careers are also good buyer’s agents. Their passion for helping others and their hospitality and sales skills can help their clients experience a positive property buying experience.
  • Self-motivated, disciplined, and organised individuals can become buyer’s agents. The ability to work independently and set their work schedules is a significant perk for them.

Steps to Become a Buyer’s Agent in NSW

If you have a knack for buying, selling, and negotiating, then a career as a buyer’s agent in New South Wales could be ideal for you. With NSW being home to some of the most expensive properties, this career path has the potential to be financially lucrative. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a buyer’s agent in NSW

Educational Requirements

To become a buyer’s agent in NSW, you must hold a real estate agent’s license or a Certificate of Registration, working under a licensed real estate agent. You can start by completing a real estate license course that meets the New South Wales (NSW) Office of Fair Trading requirements. Enrolling through your local real estate institute is advisable to ensure that the course meets the state’s standards. You must be cautious when selecting online buyer’s agent courses to ensure they are credible and meet the necessary criteria.

Licensing and Certification

After you have attended the course, you’ll need to clear the NSW licensing exam, which tests your knowledge of real estate practices and regulations. You can apply for your license at the NSW Office of Fair Trading. This licensing application may be made online through the Service NSW website or in person at a Service NSW service centre by downloading and submitting the application form. 

Different types of licenses are available to become a buyer’s agent in NSW. These licenses help you operate within the legal frameworks and progress in your real estate career in NSW.

  • Certificate of Registration: This allows you to work as an assistant agent under the supervision of a licensed real estate agent. It is the starting point of your real estate career in NSW.
  • Class 2 Real Estate Agent License: With a Class 2 license, you can work as a buyer’s agent. To qualify, you must hold a Certificate of Registration for at least one year and gain experience under a licensed agent’s guidance.
  • Class 1 Real Estate Agent License: A Class 1 license enables you to work independently and establish your own real estate business as a sole trader. You must hold a Class 2 license for at least two years to be eligible.

Gaining Experience

If you’re still wondering how to become a buyer’s agent, gaining practical experience by apprenticing with a licensed and experienced agent is essential. This hands-on experience will enhance your understanding of the NSW real estate market and provide opportunities to refine negotiation, purchasing, and interpersonal skills. The more experience you accumulate, the more adept you’ll become in navigating the complexities of the market, enabling you to assist your clients in their property search effectively.


Tips for Success

The buyer’s agent market in NSW is highly competitive. So, to succeed as a buyer agent in NSW, you need to consciously distinguish yourself as a credible, knowledgeable, and approachable buyer’s agent. Here are some tips for success to help you land more extensive, better property deals:

  • Build and nurture a solid real estate professional network for referrals and collaborations.
  • Deliver excellent services to earn client trust and reputation building.
  • Conduct thorough market research for valuable client insights and to make informed property-related decisions. 
  • Embrace technology for streamlined operations and enhanced client interactions.
  • Develop strong communication skills for effective and empathetic client relationships.
  • Specialise in a niche for expertise. This will help you be competitive and attract more clients. 
  • Build a strong personal brand for effective marketing and differentiation.
  • Prioritise client needs for satisfaction, loyalty, and personalised solutions.
  • Kick Start Your Buyer’s Agent Career Today!


Whether you’re pursuing a career change, aiming for financial success, or driven by a passion for assisting clients in finding their dream properties, becoming a buyer’s agent is a fantastic choice. At Buyer’s Agent Institute, we offer a credible, comprehensive, and engaging online course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for a good standing in this field. We’ll guide you through how to become a buyer or purchasing agent and help you make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. Enrol now and embark on an exciting journey towards a rewarding career as a buyer’s agent. Let’s start helping people together!

From the Military to Helping Buyers in QLD

Adam Davis inherited his love of property from his father, who always told him that you need to start buying property as early as you can.

When he was young he started his working life in the military and used that as a way to save hard and eventually purchased his first property – a block of land on the Sunshine Coast that he went on to build a home on.

That was the trigger that saw him start expanding. He repeated the process and did another build as well as purchasing his PPOR in Brisbane that he renovated. He also moved into larger scale developments including an 8-unit build in Brisbane.

During that time he also worked in the fitness industry running his own business, but knew that his passion remained in real estate and wanted to find a way to do it full-time.

“I dabbled in real estate 20 years ago,” Adam says.

“Back then I worked for a lady who was a buyers agent, back before people knew what a buyers agent was.”

“So the main reason for me to get back into the buyer’s agent space is my general passion for property.

“I’m looking at the next 20 years, to work in this space and work freely at my own pace.”

During COVID, Adam realised that it was time to make the change and set up his own business, Adam Davis Buyers Agent, which looks to help both owner occupiers and investors in QLD.

He focuses on buying in South East Queensland between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and out to Toowoomba.

He says he was lucky when he was first starting out because he was able to get some help from an experienced buyers agent in his area and that got him started on the right foot.

“Initially there were definitely some challenges,” he explains.

“I’m forever grateful that he gave his time freely whenever I needed it to understand what the next steps were and give me some of his skills.”

He says early on it did take him some time to learn the processes and find his own way of doing things.

Adam also said that stepping into a new industry was daunting even though he was a very experienced investor.

“You’re learning all these new skills, learning a lot of information about property and it’s not just about buying property but also taking your clients brief and looking after them in the right way,” he says.

Adam worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that it was instrumental in getting him started on the right foot.

“It’s definitely a good kickstart to getting yourself on the right track,” he believes.

He says he also likes the way in which the process is kept simple so you only focus on the most important activities that drive your business forward.

Going forward Adam wants to continue to grow his revenue and expand his business

But he also wants to make sure he is continuing to do the very best he can for his clients.

“I want to make sure that I add value to my clients,” he says.

“And I think if I do those two things first without fixating on how much I want to make, the financial reward will automatically come.”

Adam says for those getting into the industry, he says starting out under another BA can be incredibly helpful.

“That definitely gives you a good leg up into processes and systems, how to speak, and how to format a lot of the negotiations and just general dealings with agents and clients.”

He also says to make the most of the BAI community.

“There’s been some other people within the BAI group, which have been fantastic,” he says.

“I realised quite early on that the BAI network on Facebook in particular is where I think all the gold is because people are willing to answer questions, to jump on the phone and to help each other out.”

From Accountant to Property Expert

Richard Lu started his career in accounting but quickly found out about the power that property has to offer.

Over time, Richard built a substantial property portfolio and also flipped properties as well as bought and sold land subdivisions. Eventually, he moved into working for a home builder but when COVID hit he realised that it might be the perfect time to turn his passion into a career.

“When the construction industry started to go downhill, and the opportunity to start as a buyers agent came about, I thought that I would jump on it,” Richard says.

“I always wanted to be involved in the real estate industry and this worked out really well because I already had my license.”

Richard set up his business, Elite Property Consulting, and initially worked with predominately owner-occupier buyers across Sydney along with some investors.

He says that in the current market, people are struggling to buy homes, especially in the blue-chip areas like the Easter Suburbs, which is where he wants to increasingly focus on.

When he launched his business, he says it took some time to get things off the ground and it was a matter of honing in with what type of marketing approach would work best.

He says that while he initially started doing a lot of digital marketing, he found that many of his clients were finding him through different means.

Richard worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that learning the right way to do things made a huge difference in getting started.

“The processes and procedures were really good,” he explains.

“Over time I’ve been able to come up with my own procedures and tweak things here and there to make it work.

“Ben provides the foundations so you can go and do it yourself.”

Given his Chinese background, Richard says that in the future, he wants to start targeting and bringing in more Chinese buyers.

He’d also like to grow his business revenues into the millions of dollars over the coming years.

Richard will also be putting more focus on buying in the Eastern Suburbs for clients.

For people looking to get into the industry, he says you need to work hard.

“If you want to be your own boss and you think this is the right opportunity for you, you’ve got to keep on pushing yourself,” he believes.

“It’s not easy.

“If it was, everyone would be doing it.

“It can be a tough journey, but if you learn the process and procedures and you find out what works and you talk to enough people, you can make it work for you.”

Investing in Property for Two Decades

Geoff Carter has been an investor for over two decades and can still remember when it was possible to pick up a property in Toowoomba for just $36,000.

He started his career in the Department of Defence and the mining industry before a serious health scare made him reevaluate where his life was at. Knowing that he had the expertise in property that saw him build a large property portfolio spread across the entire country, he felt that now was the right time to make the career shift to where his passion lay.

“I’ve been an investor for about 26 years now and I’ve purchased properties in the ACT, Queensland, Western Australia and overseas in China,” Geoff says.

He says he was initially thinking of becoming a real estate agent, but said he wanted to be the one working to help the buyers, not working against them.

When he discovered it was possible to build a career as a buyers agent, he knew that it was the right path for him.

“I’ve always wanted to run my own business and be my own buyer’s agent as an individual and that’s what I’ve done,” he says.

Geoff said it took him some time to get started and build a referral network, but when COVID hit, he said it was a great time to be in business.

He says that while his business grew rapidly, he still focused on trying to only work with three to four clients at any given time, so he could give them the best possible attention he could and achieve a good result.

Geoff’s focus is always on buying the best quality properties he can for both investor and owner-occupier clients. While he is based in Queensland and has a very strong knowledge of the local market, he also helps investors looking to purchase interstate in areas like the ACT where he has personally lived and invested.

“I always try to buy the best investment-grade property that I can within their budget,” he says.

“Quite often, the budget determines the location to a certain degree.”

He worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) when he was getting started and he says it was one of the best things he’s ever done.

“Ben’s course is the best course that I’ve ever done by far,” he says.

“The course is not pass or fail, it’s a knowledge course and it’s just so comprehensive.

“It’s not just about being a buyers agent, it’s about how to run a property business.

“It’s the best decision I made to do that course.”

Looking forward, Geoff is looking to expand his business and establish a new niche buyers agency that he can potentially run with the help of a team.

For new buyers agents coming into the industry, Geoff suggests that they get educated first and be prepared for the first 12 months to be a lot of work as they build up their business.

But he says the rewards will come with time.

“You’re not measured by how many times you get knocked down, you’re measured by how many times you get up,” he says.

“Rocket Launching” New Buyers Agents

As someone who has been in the property industry for over 20 years and also runs his own successful buyers agency, Grant Johnsen understands that it takes time to get your business off the ground.

With more and more people moving into a career as a buyers agent, Grant saw that there was a real opportunity to help them get their business started a lot quicker.

As a result, he launched the Buyers Butler partner program which gives independent buyers agents the ability to operate under a national brand and receive all the benefits and support that come from an established business.

Grants says the program operates in a similar fashion to what you see on the sales side but is tailored to helping buyers agents grow and expand their businesses.

He says 2023 has seen Buyers Butler grow and bring on many new buyers agents.

“We spend the first quarter of the year testing the model, listening to the agents that are coming on board and learning what we can improve and add to our support package to help them succeed,” Grant says.

“Since then we’ve implemented those learnings and added to the offering.”

“We’ve now got 20 buyers agents across the country now which we’re really excited about.”

Grant says that when new agents come on board, they get everything they need to get the going the right way.

“For us, it’s about the turnkey package to launch them and provide them with momentum from day one to launch and grow their buyer’s agency,” he explains.

“That’s the turnkey marketing package from the get-go, a web page, all the branding, which takes a lot of time.

“Then once they’ve launched, it’s the support services, a CRM and the tools needed to do their job right at their fingertips along with webinars and regular interviews from specialists from within the property industry.”

Grant says Buyers Butler will also be helping their partners bring in new leads.

“We do all the marketing, videos and everything needed to funnel buyers to them, which helps them get momentum faster,” he says.

“We want them to still go out and get their own leads, obviously, through referral partners.

“But we do all the marketing and everything to try and help them kickstart their career and then add some fuel to it to really rocket launch it and then support them on their journey so they’re not feeling alone or by themselves.”

Grant says the Buyer’s Butler model is something that’s never been done before in Australia.

“We’re in a way pioneering and rolling out a model that from what we can tell hasn’t been done yet,” he says.

“When it’s something new, there’s the whole education piece around it and you’re paving the way.”

He says they have been focusing on making sure the agents who have joined them are finding success and also supporting those who are new to the industry.

Grant says they have been working in conjunction with The Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to help launch new buyers agents.

“A lot of the agents who have joined us have never been buyers agents before so they’re new to the industry as well,” he says.

“And we’re very grateful to the BAI for that, so not only are we rolling out a new national offering, but also working with amazing buyers agents who are new to the industry, but have a passion have a goal who have partnered up to build something.”

Grant says that knowing the new agents have come through BAI really gives him confidence that they will go on and succeed.

“One of our agents joined about three months ago and they’ve now got four clients and one of them’s a $4 million client,” he says.

“Another one’s a $2 million client and a $1.2 million client, so they’re getting momentum quickly.”

“We feel we can rocket launch them, instead of starting on their own from scratch.

“We’ve seen that by joining Buyers Butler, we give them a two to three year head start over than just starting from scratch themselves.”

Over the next 12 months, Grant is looking to continue building the brand and bring on more agents.

“Our goal is to continue pouring a lot into developing the brand and what we’re excited about with the brand is it’s not only having agents in capital cities, but what we also love is having, agents in the regional areas,” he says.

“Our ultimate goal, as the brand does expand nationally, is that our agents can provide that boutique service and cover all of Australia.

“We’ve got an amazing couple joining us now in Townsville, we’ve got another one joining us from the Dandenong Ranges.

“We love the opportunity to support people who aren’t in the capital cities to build a really good boutique buyers agency in their local area.”