Become A Buyer’s Agent: Learn Online With The Buyer’s Agent Institute

by Ben Handler

August 13, 2020

Buyer's Agent training institute training institute for buyer's agent

For many people, buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. And I can completely understand why.

The simple fact is, unless you buy a house every day, there are many things that can be confusing.

But the confusion that buyers experience can be a silver lining for entrepreneurial people like you and me.

Now, I’m not talking about taking advantage of their situation… I’m talking about helping buyers through the pitfalls and problems they’ll encounter when they try to buy their perfect home.

When you think about it, the core purpose of business comes down to solving another person’s problem and being paid for it. And that’s exactly what Buyer’s Agents do. They help home buyers to navigate their way seamlessly through the process of buying a home.

And with Buyer’s Agents becoming more popular and well known, more and more people are starting to use their services to help them to buy a home.

But you might be wondering how people become a Buyer’s Agent.

Well, that’s something I know a lot about.

I am the founder of the Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI) and the creator of the BAI Program. Every day we help people to become Buyer’s Agents so they can help home buyers to find their perfect home.

The best part of the BAI Program is, it’s all online. And in our current environment, this is allowing people to use their time during these unexpected shutdowns to reskill themselves… or even start a whole new business.

The program runs every week of the year and they guide you through every step of having a successful Buyer’s Agent business.

When you think about it, there aren’t too many opportunities out there that help you to pivot and change your career under the leadership of Ben Handler who built systems, processes and trainings to accommodate for more than 70 people within his former company, Cohen Handler. (Not real opportunities anyway.)

And if it sounds too good to be true, we’ve got plenty of student’s stories to prove it works. The BAI Program has totally changed the lives of everyday Australians, just like you.

Many of these everyday Australians don’t even have a business background, yet they were able to succeed as Buyer’s Agents. And the reason they’ve done so well is that everything they need to succeed is in the program.

Of course, we cover everything a Buyer’s Agent needs to know to help their clients buy their perfect home. But we also cover business management, marketing, and sales skills to help our students to have an edge in the market.

You see, there’s way more to being a Buyer’s Agent than just helping someone to buy a home. Because that’s just a job, There’s actually a whole career and business that give Buyer’s Agents huge earning potential. But only if they know what they’re doing.

And BAI students know exactly what they’re doing.

The Online Component of the BAI Program may only be 6 weeks long, but the support our students get extends way beyond that. Each week there are live calls that help to accelerate the Buyer’s Agents’ success.

As you can see, The BAI Program is more than just a course. It’s a career with a community of like-minded people who support each others’ success.

Right now in Australia, the need for Buyer’s Agents is growing and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the demand. Which is why now is the best time to become a Buyer’s Agent.

If you like property, buying houses, and helping people… then becoming a Buyer’s Agent could be the most fulfilling career you’ve ever had.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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