Becoming a Nationally Focused Buyer’s Agent

by Ben Handler

September 15, 2020

Buyer's Agent Arjun Paliwal

In a short period of time, Arjun Paliwal has been able to grow his business, InvestorKit, into one of the most well-known and successful buyers agencies in the country.

For Arjun, a passion for property and knowing how it can help change people’s life has been at the forefront of his journey. Arjun initially started investing in property when he saw how it was able to help those around him.

“Seeing family do it, other customers that I’d work within the banking industry putting together a portfolio, just seeing the success of it and in terms of lifestyle, the flexibility of lifestyle, generational wealth, being able to just have a bit more to do with your time, those are sort of the starting factors that were the appeal for moving into property investing – generation of wealth, freedom of time.”

His early investments started like most, with his family home, before quickly expanding his portfolio over time.

“The early investing in property started like most where we’d buy a house to live in and once that occurred it was something where myself, mum, dad and my wife all came together to purchase that first property.”

“And then that slowly turned into just this moving up from there, investing for a bit and turning that into an investment property where my parents stay there. And from there I sort of got familiar with the idea of buyer’s agents and used some as well. And then after that, I started really putting together a bit of a strategy, plan of attack.”

“I learned about what not to buy, what to buy, through experience and really made it my focus to start expanding the portfolio across different parts of the country. And that’s where sort of the portfolio really took off and over a timeframe of basically three years is where the portfolio really gained on a lot of momentum.”

Arjun focuses on a research-driven investment strategy that identifies opportunities across the country and also between both residential and commercial property. He also invests in both regional and capital cities to achieve a combination of growth and cash flow always with a minimum rental yield in mind.

This is the same approach he applies to his business as he helps clients build a portfolio that is both diversified and balanced between both growth and cash-flow.

“Far too often it becomes a cashflow verse-growth for people. For me, that means not going to the extremes of one or the other, not going to such low yields that you’re fingers crossing too much this property and not going to such high yields that you’re in the middle of nowhere trying to just fingers-cross the growth.”

“And so that’s where our strategy came in – taking a more balanced approach to it all to go, “How can I still add without sacrificing whilst adding properties? But then also, how can I achieve that growth?” And I feel it really comes all together when you start spreading it across different parts of the country, not focusing just on one city and sort of hoping for this one place to, through all time periods, do everything well.”

While Arjun has been able to grow a very successful business, like most, he started slowly and built momentum over time while expanding and improving all facets of his operations.

“It started from the humble beginnings of just myself doing a bit of everything to then start going to expanding out to build a team. And having the team around us has allowed us to create such systemization that it’s actually better for our customers in terms of knowing that we’ve got asset selection, asset review always happening.”

“We’re always reviewing property, always reviewing research. And that’s really what our clients want that support for. They want someone who’s got enough of a structure to go, “Well, you’re not too big where you don’t get to support me in a tailored way, but also not too small where one person’s trying to be the accountant, the researcher, the buyer, the operations manager, the receptionist and everything all in one.”

“So we feel real comfortable with the growth of that and so our customers are getting really that level of service that they deserve and from our level as well it’s also crafted a pretty good team and business together.”

Arjun chose to get a better understanding of how to operate a business and build these types of processes through the BAI. He believes it was learning how to run a business that was one the keys to his success.

“The concept of business and the concept of buying property are two different things. I felt very, very capable with buying property, I felt very, very capable with genuinely wanting to help people through service delivery, but I didn’t quite, I guess, have the patch in the middle, which was putting it all together. How do I run a business, service people appropriately and continue to work towards my strength of buying them the right property?”

“Ben’s program really helped with that. But as well as the ongoing mentoring and support and the community, you feel sometimes in a buyer’s agent business it’s maybe one of you, one of two, one of three maybe, but when you’re in the community it’s one of the hundreds where we all get to learn and talk and share and help each other with sticky scenarios. And I think as a result that’s what it’s really done for me.”

Looking forward, Arjun is looking to continue to help clients build wealth through property and at the same time expand his ever-growing business, which currently has multiple employees and contractors spread across every state in Australia.

“Firstly I want to move from your localized thought leader to sort of being a national thought leader that’s recognized on a larger scale. And I feel that would be the first major goal of us internally as a business. Other thoughts are to be able to just continually help serve more people and that does mean expanding the business that little bit more. And then the third part is just about how we can continue to work to our strengths, which is scaling a portfolio for people.”

The real measure of success for Arjun and his team are building a relationship with people and having them keep come back as repeat clients. He feels that when your goal is to build relationships with people and move away from simply doing transactions, then you’re business is truly on the right path.

“Every single month that goes by, we have more clients who are coming back repeating and buying multiple properties. I think in five years I just want to be able to look back and see a journey of so many households and so many families where they’ve been actually able to achieve what they set out to achieve, which is scaling a portfolio multiple times over.”

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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