Being the masters of your own destiny

by Ben Handler

January 7, 2020

buyer agaent 2020 goals

So many people dream about designing their own lifestyle and being the masters of their own destiny… but sadly very few people ever do it.

Today, I want to introduce you to two people who have done it… Goose Mcgrath and Gabi Billing.

They both wanted to transition out of working 100-hour weeks. But changing careers can be overwhelming and scary.

So, they looked at the transferrable skills and life experience they had, and they used them to become Buyer’s Agents.

They realised quickly that there just wasn’t enough help for people to make sure they buy the right property. And because they made a mistake when they purchased their first property, they were passionate about helping other buyers to avoid making the same mistake.

When they first became Buyer’s Agents, they had aspirations of getting 10 clients in their first year. But in only 8 months… they signed up 54 clients!

Out of their desire to help other people has come the opportunity for them to create their own freedom and lifestyle.

They’ve combined their passion for property and their ability to help other people, and now they live a life they only ever dreamed of.

If you have a passion for property and a desire to help other people, then click on the link in the first comment.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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