#23 - This Is Why You Should Follow Fulfillment - Babak Haeri

by Ben Handler

June 29, 2020

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People from all walks of life go through the buyer’s agent institute training. This helps shape their people’s skills and set them on a path of success. One such person is Mr. Babek Haeri who is an entrepreneur from Sydney running his own business for the last 11 years.
Let us explore his journey and how the Buyers Agent Institute has contributed to his success.

The Buildup

Babak comes from a landscaping business background. He worked to establish his own company and there he automated the processes. This granted him access to free time and flexibility which he then used to establish Investors Agency.
Babak focuses on buying properties on a national level which means he is not limited to one particular area. Right now, He is focusing on investment properties on a national level. From the beginning, he had a passion for property that ultimately led him to establish his own agency. He never wanted to be a real estate agent. Automating his business has helped him follow his passion. For most landscaping clients he is still the point of contact. It takes 1 hour every day to delegate all tasks to the automated process to his team.

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Trade Secret

Babek does not consider himself a salesman. And at one point in time, he considered this to be his weakness. But as his interaction progressed he realized, not having salesman qualities is actually his strength.
He focused on building a high level of trust and credibility. Keeping this in mind one of his clients referred him to their son where he closed the deal. This is the level of relationship-building you have to keep in mind while operating as a buyers agent.
Being a buyers agent requires you to be a problem solver. You must have people skills, communication, and listening ability above all. The sales will come naturally.

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The Buyers Agent Career

Like in every industry, you have to get comfortable in the buyers’ agent arena. Get a feel for the industry. Reading books, taking advice, listening to other people. Focus on developing systems instead of running after goals immediately.
These techniques helped Babak secure 4 clients in the past 4 weeks and 2 more in the pipeline. As cliché as it may sound, “If you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work”. Corporate jobs take a heavy toll on your ambitions and vision. This is where the Buyers Agent Institute’s training course comes into play. The Buyers Agent Institute training helps you unshackle from the bonds of the 9–5 and set you up for real success.
As a buyer’s agent, you change people’s lives. You add value to their life by finding the property.

National Buyers Agent Trade

Mr. Babak buys properties all over the country. He has leveraged his connection in the landscaping business to help him build connections all over the country.
For national investment, first, he does macro research e.g. gather information about states, infrastructure, supply, and demand. After that, he moves onto the micro-level i.e. building relationships with real estate agents. One technique he has found to be particularly useful is Understand the preference of each agent to get the deal done.
It is difficult to build relationships with real estate agents when you are working across the nation. The simple reason is that each region has its own work ethics and you have to work accordingly.
His long term goal is to establish a business where people will make money for him. To set up an office where typical 9–5 rules don’t apply as long as the tasks are being performed. And that is the ultimate dream of most buyers’ agents in Australia.

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