#21 – If You’re Good Enough, You’re Old Enough With Henry Single

by Ben Handler

July 15, 2020

Many young individuals having experience in various fields specifically construction and property are fast becoming Buyer’s Agents in Australia.

Being a successful Buyer’s Agent requires a passion for property, dedication, and great mentorship. One such agent is Mr. Henry Single, who started his career working as a Buyer’s Agent for a firm, and has started his own company.

This blog focuses on his journey of becoming a recognized Buyer’s Agent in Australia.

Young and focused

At 25 he has already worked 8 years in the industry. His focus and strong work ethics are exemplary. Not only did he work as a Buyer’s Agent but after some time switched to sales and became a real estate agent.

Being on the sales side gave him valuable experience. It has taught him to be a great negotiator and enabled him to add value to his clients

Buyer's Agent handshake
Buyer’s Agent handshake

The relationship with a real estate agent

During his time as a real estate agent, Henry recognized the importance of having a good relationship with real estate agents. Sales agents know all the property and it’s through them Buyer’s Agent get access to the stock.

Having a mutually respectful relationship is essential in marking out the best areas and streets. Buyer’s Agents need real estate agents. You need to nurture this relationship so that you can get the best deal for your clients.

The need for Buyer’s Agent has exponentially grown during the past 5-7 years. At first, it was about educating people about what a Buyer’s Agent is and how they add value. Now people have recognized the unique ways Buyer’s Agents provide services.

Tricks of the trade

The key to making it big as a Buyer’s Agent is hard work and relationship building. Property is a very lucrative business. Not only that you have to build a good relationship with the sales agent but also your client.

Many a time’s one client will refer you to their relatives, colleagues, and peers. It is through these referrals that you truly start establishing yourself as a recognized Buyer’s Agent.

Person running their own business with computer & documents
Person running their own business with computer & documents

 Running your own business

Now, Henry has started his own business at the age of 25. He has split his business into 2 chapters. Primary residence and investment side. Both sides have different clientele and he caters to them separately. He has experts in both fields.

His firm is interested in both local and nationwide properties. The goal for 2020 is 40 investor transactions and 30 primary residence transactions. He has 3 staff members working for him who he also trains to become Buyer’s Agent.

More recently he has turned his focus towards properties near beaches and this decision has been transformational to his business. His philosophy of “The harder you work the luckier you get” has allowed him to close investor clients in mere 3-5 weeks. Now he wants to add more staff and expand his operations.

Henry’s advice to people who are caught up in the employee grind “If you are not happy and satisfied with your work they get up and move”. People who are stuck in dead-end jobs and slaving away need to unshackle themselves and explore the lucrative option of becoming a Buyer’s Agent.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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