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While buyer’s agents (sometimes called buyer’s advocates) are used widely for first-time homeowners, up-sizers, downsizers, and investors, they’re becoming more critical for real estate agencies. Offering a buyer agent service in your business is an ideal way to stand out from your competitors.

What Is A Buyer’s Agent?

Buyer’s agents focus on a buyer’s property purchase, including searching, evaluating, inspecting, and negotiating. Unlike real estate agents, buyer’s agents are not involved with selling properties but focus 100% on buying properties for their clients.

They can also support and represent their clients at auctions by bidding and negotiating. Buyer’s agents stick to a budget by removing emotional impulsiveness, saving buyers money and heartache.

Why Do You Need A Buyer’s Agent For Your Real Estate Business?

Having a buyer’s agent in your real estate business has the following benefits:

  • Saves your client’s time, money and energy when searching for their dream property.
  • Provides clients with access to the best properties.
  • Provides a detailed buyer’s brief that focuses on the preferences and requirements of your client including location, budget, and lifestyle considerations gives your client the best way to get their preferred property.
  • Matches suitable properties to buyers on shortlists.
  • Takes all the hassle out of negotiating and securing contracts on behalf of buyers.

Why Choose Us?

Ben Handler founded Buyer’s Agent Institute to address the lack of available professional, highly-trained buyer’s agents. The Buyer’s Institute draws upon his experience as co-founder of Australia’s largest Buyer’s Agency, Cohen Handler, where he built and mentored an expert team who delivered nearly $3 billion of residential and commercial purchases. The benefits of using us include:

  • Training and developing your real estate professionals to improve client services and results.
  • Adding a Buyer’s Agent Division to serve and target different market segments fully.
  • Personalised high-calibre coaching through the CHIEF coaching program delivered by Ben Handler designed to deliver sustainable success.

How Can We Help You?

The Buyer’s Institute offers various services to help your real estate agency, including a buyer’s agent course, consulting, and access to a highly experienced talent pool.


The Buyer’s Institute consulting services help buyer agents and real estate businesses optimise their operations and achieve their goals. Our consulting services include:

  • How to establish your Buyer’s Agent Division from strategic planning to business success.
  • Recruitment know-how to help your business thrive.
  • Operational essentials like IT, Marketing, Sales Training, and Advertising.

Talent Pool

Once you’ve established a buyer’s agent department, you’ll need access to highly skilled and experienced professionals. The Buyer’s Institute Talent Pool offers world-class buyer’s agents with first-class communication and negotiation skills.  

Successful Business With Our Consultation

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How Experienced Are Your Buyer’s Agents?

With more buyer agents available, it’s essential to ask the following:

  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Have they got access to training, support, and cutting-edge systems?
  • Are they updating their knowledge and being mentored by the best in business?

Our buyer’s agents have extensive experience and world-class training from Ben Handler.

What Is Included In Your Consulting Service?

Buyer’s Agent Institute consulting includes recruiting buyer’s agents, strategy, operations, IT, marketing, sales, and training.

Are Buyer’s Agents In Demand?

Buyer’s agents are in demand for the property market. Buyers recognise the value of having a dedicated person to help them purchase property while more people enter the profession for a long-term career. The Buyer’s Institute Buyer’s Agent course is the best first step to a successful role.