Buying Blue Chip

by Ben Handler

July 13, 2022

Buyer's Agent Jack Henderson

In a short space of time, Jack Henderson has quickly established himself as one of the country’s leading buyers agents through his business Henderson Advocacy.

Jack started his journey in property investment at a very young age, purchasing his first investment as an 18-year-old. In just a few years, he had managed to build himself a multimillion-dollar property portfolio, centred around some of Sydney’s most sought after postcodes.

After leaving school at an early age and starting out in the workforce, Jack was able to save a deposit and start his property journey earlier than most.

“I left school at 15 and then went and worked as a labourer in the construction industry and I didn’t really have a lot to spend my money on so money started piling up in the bank.”

“After I turned 18 I had a sizeable deposit and my parents guided me and said, you’ve got this money sitting in the bank, maybe you should go buy a property with it because then you’ve essentially bought the most expensive thing in your life and you’re only 18.”

With his success as an investor gaining him a lot of attention and his passion for property, it was a natural progression for him to make the move towards helping others achieve success as a buyers agent. When he was starting out he looked to mentors for guidance and that led him to consider a career in property.

“One of the biggest things was one of my mentors, Chris Gray, he’s got a buyer’s agency called Your Empire and I was inspired by him and what he did. He generated a lot of wealth through it so I thought, “Let’s go down this avenue or let’s go at least explore it.”

“Then, as I was starting to progress in my investing journey, I had a lot of people ask me how I did it and what I did and asking for advice. So I thought, “Well, people are obviously interested in how I’m doing things so why not monetise it?”

Throughout his career as both an investor and now buyers agent, Jack has always focused on buying the best property he can afford, always looking to blue-chip locations.

“My investing philosophy is always very blue-chip. It’s buying in areas with a lot of scarcity, areas with people that have very high incomes and there’s a lot of affluence attached to where they live because obviously affluence and high incomes then generate growth and people paying premiums for properties.”

“As a buyers agent, we still use the same principles, but it’s really going to come down to the individual and how much money they have to work with and we tailor something specifically for them.”

“For myself, I’m generally buying two-bedroom apartments in beach-side locations in the eastern side of Sydney or Newcastle, in boutique buildings with great sunlight and lots of scarcity to them.”

“As I continue to progress to where I am now as a more sophisticated investor with a higher income, I’m starting to get into semis and homes – because I can afford the cashflow. Yields are lower, but they are more lucrative from a growth perspective and then also having the ability to develop down the track.”

When Jack started as a buyers agent, he began working with another firm to learn the business, before eventually starting his own company.

“I joined a firm when I first got into the industry and stayed with them for a little while but quickly outgrew them from a performance perspective and then also a culture perspective.”

“Now I’ve since started my own agency called Henderson Advocacy and it’s just learning every single day. We’re growing very quickly, we’re doing great things and it’s all very exciting.”

Since he started his journey as a buyers agent, Jack has worked closely with the BAI and it’s a relationship that has continued to this day.

“I began working with Ben in the early stages there’s a lot you learn from the course and there’s a lot you learn from Ben’s experience. If someone’s got 10 or 15 years’ experience, there’s a lot of their mistakes you can learn from.”

“I learned a lot from the course and then I went an extra step and went into the mastermind and I’ve been in that from day one. Ben’s now an advisor for our business so he’s continually helping us through his experience in terms of what we should do and what he did and did wrong and how we can learn from that.”

“It’s a very, very lucrative and rewarding relationship for sure.”

In the coming years, Jack is looking to continue to grow his rapidly expanding business and also focus on other areas of property.

“Over the next 12 months, the goal is to generate over two and a half million worth of revenue while having a sizable team that are all on the same page and are all high achievers.”

“In the next 5 to 10 years the goal is to diversify out of just buying property and get into developing and doing joint ventures with people and just to keep growing.”

“Growth is the keyword for the next 10 to 15 years ”

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