Caring About People’s Future

by Ben Handler

April 30, 2024

Joe Tucker’s first property purchase didn’t go to plan, but it was the moment that changed his life forever.

After a long career in sales, Joe realised that he wanted to start building wealth in property.

He had engaged a high profile buyers agent to help identify something that would set him on the path to achieve his goals, but from that point onwards things didn’t go to plan.

Instead of helping Joe himself, he was sent him to work with a different agent in their company and it ultimately led to Joe purchasing a poor asset that lost him money.

But the whole experience made Joe realise that he could actually do the entire process better himself.

“If you’re a buyers agent you’ve got people’s financial future in your hands,” Joe says.

“If it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

He believes that buyer’s agents have a duty to care about what they are purchasing for people as it’s actually their future that is on the line.

From that point, Joe started to focus his time and energy on property and dug into the best way to purchase high-quality investments and manufacture equity.

He also launched a Facebook Group and podcast that talked about property investing and it quickly grew in size to one the biggest in Australia because of the high-quality information and value that he was providing.

After speaking with another buyer’s agent and seeing the potential of the opportunity Joe realised that he was finally ready to make the leap to full-time buyer’s agent and set up his business Property Principles.

The business focuses on helping investors find quality assets from around the country, that have significant upside potential through manufacturing equity.

He looks for properties that have the ability to be renovated, sites with subdivision potential or properties that can be expanded to add an extra bedroom where they can instantly manufacture equity.

Joe says that after coming from the corporate world starting a new business was incredibly difficult but because of his passion to help others, it really drove him forward.

“You’re going to be working 24/7 and if you don’t care about it, don’t do it,” he believes.

“That passion will shine through and you’ll beat everyone else as well.”

Joe worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and was one of the first people to do the program because he knew that’s where he wanted to take his career.

These days, most of Joe’s business comes through client referrals and his focus is on caring about his clients and taking responsibility for their financial future.

“If you keep getting amazing deals for your clients that helps your business because then they’re coming back to me within six months saying, Joe, I want another one,” he says.

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