How To Tell If It’s Time To Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss

This lockdown has given people a lot of time to think.

Usually, everyone is racing around too busy “doing” their life and not having time to actually live it.

But over the last few months, being in lockdown has forced us all to slow down. And the pace of most people’s lives has slowed down to a barely detectable crawl.

The surprising upside of this is, most people are finding out that they prefer a slower pace… and they dread going back to work.

Some people are even thinking about what it would be like to be their own boss. That way, they’d never have to go back to work again.

So, while they are “locked up,” they’re letting their imagination run wild. They daydream about what it would be like to be their own boss.

Well, I’m a massive fan of it. But I also know from personal experience that you need to be ready to take the plunge. Otherwise, the dream can become a nightmare.

And the biggest reason is if you become your own boss at the wrong time, or in the wrong way… you could end up with the most stressed and worst boss in the world! And when you’re that person… there’s no “going home at the end of the day to escape them.” You’re with your boss, 24/7!

So how do you know the time is right to become your own boss?

Here are my 3 top tips:

  1. Your career doesn’t “do it” for you anymore:

Climbing the career ladder or waiting for a promotion is ok if there’s a good pay-off. But what a lot of people are slowly starting to realise is, the higher up the “ladder” they go… the less fulfilled they feel.

But the problem is, people when get used to the income, they feel stuck doing something that they don’t even like anymore. If you’re not excited to go back to work, or… if you lost your job, and you’re not excited about finding another one like it… then you could be ready to be your own boss.

  1. You feel like you’re suffocating:

Putting all your energy into someone else’s success can suck… literally! It can suck the air out of your lungs when you hand over your best ideas, and your boss puts their “special touches” on it.

In a better and more supportive environment, those ideas could make you a fortune. And even having that thought means you are more than ready to be your own boss.

  1. The pain of staying put is worse than the fear of change:

It’s normal for everyone to think about quitting their job every now and then. But if you think about it a lot, then it’s definitely time to move on.

When we stay in situations beyond their usefulness or past their “expiry date” … then we can start to pay the price. Our relationships can suffer. Our health can suffer. And our overall wellbeing can take a massive hit. These are all clear signs that it’s time to move on. But you need to look at whether getting another job is going to cut it… or is it actually time to be your own boss?

So, if it is time or you to be your own boss, then it’s time to start looking for opportunities to make that happen. Here’s a great way to get into your own business and be your own boss, and you can even start while you are in lockdown. Watch this free web-class to know if it’s right for you:

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Become A Buyer’s Agent: Learn Online With The Buyer’s Agent Institute

Buyer's Agent training institute training institute for buyer's agent

For many people, buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. And I can completely understand why.

The simple fact is, unless you buy a house every day, there are many things that can be confusing.

But the confusion that buyers experience can be a silver lining for entrepreneurial people like you and me.

Now, I’m not talking about taking advantage of their situation… I’m talking about helping buyers through the pitfalls and problems they’ll encounter when they try to buy their perfect home.

When you think about it, the core purpose of business comes down to solving another person’s problem and being paid for it. And that’s exactly what Buyer’s Agents do. They help home buyers to navigate their way seamlessly through the process of buying a home.

And with Buyer’s Agents becoming more popular and well known, more and more people are starting to use their services to help them to buy a home.

But you might be wondering how people become a Buyer’s Agent.

Well, that’s something I know a lot about.

I am the founder of the Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI) and the creator of the BAI Program. Every day we help people to become Buyer’s Agents so they can help home buyers to find their perfect home.

The best part of the BAI Program is, it’s all online. And in our current environment, this is allowing people to use their time during these unexpected shutdowns to reskill themselves… or even start a whole new business.

The program runs every week of the year and they guide you through every step of having a successful Buyer’s Agent business.

When you think about it, there aren’t too many opportunities out there that help you to pivot and change your career under the leadership of Ben Handler who built systems, processes and trainings to accommodate for more than 70 people within his former company, Cohen Handler. (Not real opportunities anyway.)

And if it sounds too good to be true, we’ve got plenty of student’s stories to prove it works. The BAI Program has totally changed the lives of everyday Australians, just like you.

Many of these everyday Australians don’t even have a business background, yet they were able to succeed as Buyer’s Agents. And the reason they’ve done so well is that everything they need to succeed is in the program.

Of course, we cover everything a Buyer’s Agent needs to know to help their clients buy their perfect home. But we also cover business management, marketing, and sales skills to help our students to have an edge in the market.

You see, there’s way more to being a Buyer’s Agent than just helping someone to buy a home. Because that’s just a job, There’s actually a whole career and business that give Buyer’s Agents huge earning potential. But only if they know what they’re doing.

And BAI students know exactly what they’re doing.

The Online Component of the BAI Program may only be 6 weeks long, but the support our students get extends way beyond that. Each week there are live calls that help to accelerate the Buyer’s Agents’ success.

As you can see, The BAI Program is more than just a course. It’s a career with a community of like-minded people who support each others’ success.

Right now in Australia, the need for Buyer’s Agents is growing and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the demand. Which is why now is the best time to become a Buyer’s Agent.

If you like property, buying houses, and helping people… then becoming a Buyer’s Agent could be the most fulfilling career you’ve ever had.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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How To Balance “Working From Home” and Home Life

Working From Home

The lines have been blurred as we all try to work out the best ways to live and work at home.  

 It’s hard to get the right work/life balance because you don’t want to turn into a work-a-holic, and you know that despite the way you feel about life right now… you can’t binge on Netflix all day.  

 But when our workplace is forced into our homes, we need to make sure we don’t let it take over every part of our day.  

 I mean, in the workplace, we’re told to leave our personal lives at home. But it doesn’t look like the same deal applies to work staying in the workplace.  

 Let’s be honest, though, the work-creep isn’t a new thing. It’s been happening for a long time now. So, we can’t blame our current situation for any of it.  

 I believe it all started when we allowed emails on our personal computers and smartphones. 

Because when that happened… 

  • We instantly became more contactable 24/7 
  • It became too easy to take work home with us.  

And the worst part is, we allowed the intrusion because we thought it would never hurt us to answer an email or two. But as we all know, it’s never just a few emails. It’s always way more than that. And before you know it, a few hours can eat into your home time.  

 So, what’s the best way to have a healthy work/life balance? 

 Here are a few things that can help get the balance right… 

  • Exercise is a must-do, not a might do:

I have a routine I do every morning, and I never miss it, no matter how busy I am. It’s time I do yoga and meditate. I know that when I set up my day like this, I’m way more productive.

  • Know your best times: 

If you’re a morning person, do more demanding work in the morning. Whereas, if you’re a night person, leave that kind of work until later in the day.

  • Be realistic about what you can achieve: 

Setting realistic expectations is essential. Work tasks will always leak into home time if you overestimate or overcommit to what you can do in a day. 

  • Use technology wisely: 

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. So, keep control of your technology. Don’t take work-related calls, and don’t check your work emails after hours. Most workplaces are strict on not allowing social media during work hours… it’s high time we reverse those rules for our home life.  

  • Do something you love: 

Have an interest beyond work that you love so much that you won’t miss out on doing it. This helps you to do a “hard stop” in your day and move on to something your passionate about. 

There can be a bit of a catch if the thing you love is actually is your career too. I know this from personal experience.  

Having my own business that I love means that I spend most of my day doing what I love. But even so, I still make time for myself. Because I know that if I’m not at my best, my business isn’t either.  

That’s the fun of being a business owner and being your own boss. You can set your own hours and work to your strengths. And when you do that, there’s more of a harmonious flow between work and home life.  

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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Why do people wait until the end of a year to plan their next year?

bracing motivational memes for buyer agent

Brace  yourselves! We are about to enter the time of the year, where we are inundated with motivational memes and posts of “new year, new me” posts.

Now, I don’t want to sound negative, but why do people wait until the end of a year to plan their next year?

I don’t get it. All successful businesses set their mission, have vision statements and action plans way in advance. They know what they’ll be doing 5, 10, and even 20 years into the future.

So, why don’t we do this at a personal level?

Imagine the difference if we had a personal mission, a vision statement for our life, and an action plan to make it all happen. What would your life look like?

The fact is, there’s no need to wait until any specific time of the year, any arbitrary date, or any other external influence. You can do it today.

All it takes is a simple decision.

But for many people making that decision is the hardest part, and that’s because FOMO kicks in and they think they’ll miss out on something better.

I’m here to tell you that nothing is better than the feeling of achieving your goals and being successful. I know this from personal experience.

And I have watched as other people I’ve helped finally get to live their best lives.

Don’t wait until 2020 to decide to live your best life… do it now.

My vision for 2020 is to help as many people as I can to careers they love and to build a business as a Buyer’s Agent.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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Do people need to have sales experience to  be a Buyer’s Agent?

master of your own destiny

I’m often asked whether people need to have sales experience to  be a Buyer’s Agent.

And they are often relieved when I tell them that Buyer’s Agents don’t need sales skills because they don’t sell anything. That’s because, the role is purely consultative, so we shouldn’t even be trying to sell anything at all. (Some of the best Buyer’s Agents I’ve known didn’t come from a sales background.)

That’s great news for people like me. Because I had never worked in sales when I started my career as a Buyer’s Agent.

When people look for a Buyer’s Agent, they aren’t looking for someone to sell them something. They want a professional who can research, negotiate, and do due diligence for them. And those skills are simple to learn.

But the best Buyer’s Agents I know all have one special skill that’s helped them to succeed. And that is, they were all highly trainable. They opened their minds to new ideas and ways of doing things.

And they were able to transfer skills they had from their previous careers. And when they combined those skills with the business and marketing skills, we gave them at the Buyer’s Agent Institute… their success was put on steroids.

If you’re open to new ideas, are highly trainable, and if you think you have what it takes to be a Buyer’s Agent… let’s have a chat and see If you’re a fit. Click on the link in the first comment.

Talk soon

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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Fear is normal

people sales experience to be a Buyer’s Agent

You probably already know that one of the biggest limitations people have when it comes to success is fear.

But what most people don’t realise is… is normal.

The purpose of fear is to keep us safe. But the problem is… sometimes staying safe keeps us in an “uncomfortable” comfort zone.

And I say it’s uncomfortable because despite everything being comfortable… there is a monotony that happens and that leads to getting stuck in a rut. Or worse, stagnation.

You see, if you’re living a life where you don’t have anything to fear… then you are not moving towards fulfilling your potential. And that lies beyond your comfort zone.

When it comes to , many people give themselves excuses so they can avoid failure. But failure is also a normal part of life.

Imagine what would have happened if we let take over when we were learning to walk. Or when we were learning to ride a bicycle.

But we didn’t let fear hold us back then and we shouldn’t do it as adults either.

The fact is, every new experience comes with a healthy dose of fear. And it’s what you do in the face of that fear that matters most.

What opportunities have you missed because you let fear hold you back?

2020 is not only a new year, but it’s a new decade. Will you move forward in fear or will you feel the fear and do it anyway?

If you’re ready to succeed in the face of fear, then let’s have a chat about how I can help you do exactly that. To book in for a chat, click on the link in the first comment.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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It’s the week before Christmas!

become a Buyer’s Agent

It’s the week before Christmas and people are doing what they do every year… they’re leaving things to the last minute.

It’s not as though this time of the year changes or anything.

The dates are always the same, and we receive not so subtle reminders from stores who hope we’ll do our Christmas shopping with them. (Or at least part of it.)

The way we buy as a society has changed.

The brick and mortar stores used to be preferred place to buy gifts from. And the idea of buying anything online, much less precious Christmas gifts, was met with resistance and fear.

But the old ways of buying gifts has changed, and most people do their shopping online.

One of the big reasons people buy online is for the convenience.

And one of the biggest conveniences these days is buying groceries online too. Time poor people order what they want online, someone else runs around the store collecting the order… and they get their groceries delivered to them.

The fact is, the way people buy things has changed dramatically.

And the way people buy their home has changed too.

Buyers Agents are giving home buyers a better buying experience. They do all the running around and hard work for the buyer. The buyer gets what they are looking for… even if they are time poor.

The only problem is, there are not enough Buyers Agents in Australia to fill the demand.

If you want to know more about how Buyers Agents are changing the way everyday Australians are buying their homes… then click on the link in the first comment.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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Tis the season! 

buyers agent tis the season

Tis the season!

I know how busy you are, so I’ll keep this short.

As you run around buying gifts for other people… I want you to pause for a moment and think about what kind of gift could you receive that would make a dramatic difference in your life.

Would it be the gift of money?

Would it be the gift of time?

Would it be the gift of freedom?

What about having all three? Can you imagine having the money you want, the time you crave and the freedom to do exactly what you want when you want?

If that type of gift appeals to you, then I’m happy to give it to you.

I’ve set aside some time to chat with you about how you can make that happen for you.

So, to claim your gift, book in a call for a chat.

Talk soon

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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I can’t believe I’m doing this!

buyers agent tis the season

I can’t believe I’m doing this. But there’s a great lesson to share with you… so I’m prepared to go through a little bit of discomfort for the greater good.

Recently, I was on plane recently flying to the US. I was traveling to see one of my coaches (more about this in a moment).

Anyway, it’s a long trip and there comes a point where a bit of boredom sets in. So, I decided to watch some TV. Then a funny thing happened. I became totally oblivious to everything around me… and to what I was doing.

As I was fixated on the TV, I didn’t realise that I was then brushing my teeth in my seat. And I wouldn’t have believed it… if there wasn’t photographic proof.

When I became aware of what I was doing, I snapped out of the trance and I ditched the TV. And I read a book instead. (I read Marc Benioff’s new book… Trailblazer. He’s one of my favourite CEO’s.)

We all know how distracting the TV can be. And this photo reminded me of why I don’t have a TV in my home.

Speaking of powerful reminders, the trip to the US reminded me of the importance of being your own boss. I have the flexibility to just get up and travel where I want, when I want. I didn’t have to submit a form to a boss to ask to take leave. I just went.

Imagine being able to have that kind of flexibility in your life. Well, imagine no longer…

If you’re looking for better flexibility in your life, or for a career that gives it to you… then click on the link in the first comment.

Talk soon

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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There are only 5 weeks left in this year before we go into 2020!

become a Buyer’s Agent

I hate to alarm you… there are only 5 weeks left in this year before we go into 2020.

And hopefully, we do it with the right vision.

I love the whole idea of “2020 vision” because as corny as it sounds… it’s so powerful. As you’d know, 20/20 vision is when you have near-perfect vision. So, going into 2020 with perfect vision is so powerful.

But sadly, too many people will bumble along from this year to next year… just like they’ve done in the previous years. And all the years join together into a massive blob of time.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been there too.

After I left school, I thought I had to get a job and be like everyone else. But after losing sight of my vision and bumbling around for way too long, I realised that I was out of alignment with myself… and, most importantly, with my potential.

So, I took a moment to set better goals, to be clear on my vision, and to start showing up differently.

And a funny thing happened. When I recalibrated my personal vision, my business vision changed too. In only a small number of years, I built what became recognised as Australia’s largest Property Buyers Agency, with over 60 staff across offices in Australia and California. My business at the time was growing with clear intent, alignment and passion.

Now I don’t say this to brag or try to impress you (anyone who knows me knows this is true). I simply want to share how powerfully your life will change when you have a clear vision for your future.

And because it’s almost the end of the year and people will be doing a lot of reflection, why not make your 2020 goals big achievable ones. And the secret ingredients you need to make them achievable is… clear vision and decisive action.

Here’s a great example of clear vision and clear action… Rachel Cruz was working a 9-5 job and only getting less than $65k a year for her efforts. She decided to get clear on what she wanted and took action to get it. And the result… in just one year, she was proud to share that she made close to $680k.

How did she do it? Rachel became a Buyers Agent.

I’m grateful I can help people to have a clear vision and take decisive action to change their lives.

To find out more about how I help people to live their passion, click on the link in the first comment.

I’m passionate about helping people to have the best year of their life in 2020.

Will 2020 be your best year so far?

Click on the link in the first comment to see how I help people to have a crystal clear vision for their future.

Talk soon

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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