Darren Keen: Helping People Relocate to the Gold Coast

Darren Keen has been a property investor for over 20 years and after a successful business career decided he wanted to start helping others achieve success in property. 


After moving to New Zealand when he was young, he got involved in property in his early twenties. 


“I started investing in property quite young,” Darren says. 


“I had my first rental when I was about 20. 


“From there I flipped a couple of properties and bought and sold a couple of sections and then built a house for ourselves.” 


Darren ran some sales-based businesses for many years but realised that his passion for property was something he wanted to pass on to others. 


“I always wanted to work in the field and had no interest working in the sales side,” he explains. 


“I really enjoy helping people and working for the buyer rather than selling people stuff.” 


He eventually established his own buyer’s agency, Keen on Property, based on the Gold Coast and looks to help owner-occupier clients who want to purchase in the area. 


Darren says he was able to get the business up and running quickly thanks to his background in business and sales. 


“It wasn’t too bad in the sense that it wasn’t my first business,” he says. 


“The actual setting up of the company wasn’t too bad and then as with most businesses, it’s just a matter of doing the hard yards to get your name known and start with the first few runs on the board. 


“And then it just follows on from there.” 


Darren says he was able to get his business off the ground by building a network and he also focused heavily on building his online presence. 


Despite being an experienced investor, Darren has been able to grow his business by working with people who have been relocating to Queensland – something close to his own heart after he made the move from New Zealand during COVID. 


Darren worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to help get started and he said all the resources were a huge help early on. 


“Just having everything in a format and a course that you could get through at your own pace was great,” he says. 


“And obviously I had an extensive real estate background already, so it was just jumping through the modules that I needed to finish it off.” 


“Then obviously making contacts and having access to a community of people that you can just bounce things off and talk to.” 


While Darren has been able to grow his business rapidly, he says it’s never easy to launch any new venture in a different location. 


“When we moved to the Gold Coast, obviously you lose all your contacts and all the people you know to work with and all those sorts of things,” he says. 


“So I had to build that up again.  


“But on the other hand, it’s been a bonus too, because you can do it with complete confidence and everyone you know that you meet wants to work with you and they don’t have a history of working with other people.” 


After a long career in business, Darren says he is happy to grow his buyer’s agency at a manageable pace. 


“I’m at a point in my life now of just enjoying life and helping people,” he says. 


“I’ve done the get bigger, bigger, bigger thing with other businesses where now I’m happy providing my service, my way to my clients.” 


Darren believes that working in property is great if you like helping others. 


“It’s definitely a great career,” he says. 


“It’s something that’s good if you have the knowledge of property and you truly want to help people.   


“I get the most enjoyment out of the people I help, rather than actually getting paid for doing it.” 

Jordyn Ode: Moving from Selling Agent to Buyers Agent

After a decade in property working on the selling side, Jordyn Ode wanted to start helping buyers who were struggling to get into their own homes. 


The experienced property professional had worked across all areas of property but found that people who wanted to buy were finding life difficult when the competition was high and stock levels were tight. 


“My partner has a selling business and I was working within that prior to going on maternity leave and a good client of mine had reached out and said they needed some help buying a house,” Jordyn says. 


Jordyn says her client was just about to purchase a home pre-auction, but because of her knowledge of the area and her previously working relationship with the selling agent, she felt that it would be a better idea to try and pick it up at auction. 


“The sales campaign was actually not going that strongly and it was a pretty good decision to actually wait until the auction rather than put an offer forward,” she says. 


“I ended up going along on the day of the auction and helping her bid and she ended up securing that property and saving some money. 


She says the reason she got into real estate initially was because I’d seen there was a lack of service and there wasn’t a huge amount of women doing it in Newcastle. 


“I decided I would move into that space and be able to give something back to people,” she says. 


After helping her friend secure a property at auction, Jordyn committed to helping buyers and set up her business, Keepr Property Co focused on owner-occupiers in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area. 


“I don’t miss that sales side because I feel like my personality type really fits with this quite a lot,” she explains. 


“I’m very service-minded and it’s nice to be in this other corner. 


“I feel like there is not only a real necessity for it, but people are just really grateful.” 


She says that during her career she’s seen a lot of buyers really struggling. 


“It’s really hard to watch.  


“I have seen this over the last nine years buyers just get absolutely smashed when they’re trying to buy a property.” 


She says that people will spend months thinking about a small purchase but when it comes to the biggest purchase of their lives they make spur-of-the-moment decisions with no research. 


“I think with the market we’re in here there’s a lack of stock and people are just settling when they’re purchasing homes,” she believes. 


“It’s kind of tick the box and this will do, just because we’ve waited for so long for something to come up. 


“So I looked at that as well and thought, what can I do?” 


She says she has been able to use her sales skills to source properties for clients and help people find just what they are looking for. 


Jordyn says her business has been building momentum and she got off to a really solid start thanks to her background in property. 


“I actually worked for myself as a contractor in some agencies,” she explains. 


”So I knew what I needed to do to get things off the ground.” 


Jordyn also joined the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says the program has been incredibly helpful. 


“Being a part of the course helped with a bit of direction and there’s different templates to use like the agency agreements which has been pretty helpful,” she says. 


“I feel like the biggest help for me was joining Everest.  


“That sort of catapulted everything.  


“James is so forthcoming with all of this information, he shares templates that he uses in his own business and the accessibility to be able to have frequent Zoom calls and actually get coaching on things that you’re having trouble with or listen to other people is fantastic.” 


Jordyn says the next step for her is to build up her team and continue to build momentum. 


She says that it’s important to learn as much as you can when you’re getting started. 


“Knowledge is power,” she says. 


“Don’t rush the process.  


“That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever taken out of real estate is it’s great to be ambitious, but it’s really good to slow down and actually enjoy the experience. 


“Learn as much as you can because it all adds to the service and the value that you can give to your future clients.” 

Tony Amato: The Newcastle Specialist

Tony Amato has been an active property investor for over 20 years and along with his wife has purchased over eight properties and done a number of renovations and flips along the way.


While running another business, Tony only saw property as a part-time venture and something to help him build wealth for the future.


However, when he discovered that he could use his knowledge and skills to help others, he realised that he wanted to pursue property on a more permanent basis.


“We’ve done quite a lot over 20 years as a side gig in terms of the property buying and investing,” Tony says.


“We were both working in the pharmaceutical industry in 2008 and we decided that we wanted to be more family-focused and stay around home.


He said they had initially looked at buying a real estate agency but eventually went into running another small business.


In 2019, he discovered what a buyer’s agent was and immediately knew this was the career he was meant to be doing.


“I thought, you know what, this ticks so many boxes for us,” he explains.


“I think that’s the way it should go.”


Tony then established Amato Property based in Newcastle and set about helping buyers find high-quality properties in that area.


He says that while getting the business off the ground took some time, he was able to break through thanks to consistently building relationships.


“Probably 90 per cent of our clients are referral based, whether that’s previous clients or mortgage brokers, or real estate agents,” he says.


“So it’s just those networks and the consistency.”


He says he looks to help a combination of investors and owner-occupier buyers in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.


“We’re really becoming a specialist in this area and we’re helping a lot of people now who are actually relocating here as well,” he explains.


“The lifestyle here is just magic, so it’s nice to be able to share that.”


Tony worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to help get the business off the ground and says it’s played a key role in his success.


“I think it gave a really good foundation and helped me with the fundamentals because I’d never heard about a buyer’s agent, as a career previously,” he says.


‘I’ve joined the Everest program as well now which has been fantastic, and it really helped refine our offering, and the support amongst that is awesome.”


Tony says while his career has been going strong, it has taken time to build up.


“When we started out, we had a scattergun approach where we just wanted clients, no matter where they came from,” he says.


“And it’s taken quite a lot of time to realise that if we focus our offering and concentrate on our particular areas of value, then clients will actually come to us.


“You don’t have to be everything to everyone.”


He says his current goal is to keep on growing the business and steadily increase his client base.


Tony says that for new people looking to get into the industry, you need to be prepared to do the work.


“Just follow the process,” he believes


“It’s not easy and I don’t think people should go in there thinking that’s just an easy from day one.


“Just stick to the program and keep working at it.”


Lisa Happ – Identifying High-Growth Opportunities

After spending the past few decades building a substantial property portfolio alongside her husband, Lisa Happ wasn’t ready to stop buying just yet. 


While the couple had been able to reach their financial goals with property, her passion and skill in finding and purchasing high-performing properties was something that she wanted to keep doing. 


Even though they had personally reached the point that they were about to start their exit strategy on their own portfolio. 


“I’ve done a lot of education on property, we’ve built a portfolio and done things like rooming houses so we had a wide range of experience and I thought to myself, ‘I love buying property and helping people, so what am I going to do it I can’t buy any more property for myself’,” Lisa says. 


Lisa knew about buyers’ agents and the valuable role they could play to help people so she decided to enrol in the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to learn about the business side. 


“BAI was potentially an opportunity to have something in the background, plus I love learning, so I thought it might be useful down the track,” she explains. 


“So I was probably a little bit different than a lot of people in the sense that I wasn’t in it originally to quit my job and become a full-time buyer’s agent.  


“That wasn’t my goal originally.” 


Eventually, the former TAFE teacher realised that the time was right to move on to the next phase of her career and ultimately launched Personalised Property Professionals with a focus on helping investors. 


“I’m a little different in that I concentrate on southeast Queensland or the northern Queensland area,” she said. 


“So I try and look at where suburbs are going to be popular for investors and then I’ll go and visit that area and really take a boots-on-the-ground approach and map the areas that are good to buy in and establish a rapport with the agents. 


“As an example, we bought in Bundaberg ourselves three and a half years ago knowing that that was potentially going to be a town that boomed. 


“And now, I bought a property for a client at the end of last year.” 


She says she focuses heavily on finding areas where there is likely to be strong capital growth and is focused on buying in other areas around QLD with her current clients. 


Lisa says that while she was a very experienced property investor it still took time to get the business off the ground. 


“It is really hard,” she says. 


“I’m not a salesperson and that’s not my personality. 


“Anyone that I’ve spoken to who was interested, and wanted to buy something has become a client after I talked to them and explained my process. 


“But it can be hard at times to build that initial connection.” 


According to Lisa, BAI was a huge help in getting her started on the right foot. 


“Like I said I was a bit of a silent sleeper for a couple of years, where I was just listening but when I left my job it was a bit of shell shock and I got really focused on it,” she explains. 


She says that she initially went to work for another buyer’s agent who focused on negotiations to learn some of the other skills she needed before going out on her own. 


While Lisa has been able to really establish herself in a quick space of time, she says she wants to keep her business small. 


“The business is not going to be a big company,” she said. 


“It’s going to be a very niche and personalised where I’m still talking to all the clients  


“We are also trying to set ourselves up so it’s basically a choice of being able to work wherever we want.” 


She says she also wants to be able to travel to potential growth areas and immerse herself in the location to get a better idea of the areas they will be buying in. 


Lisa says that for people wanting to come into the industry, it’s important to have a good understanding of property. 


“Get your education first, learn about property, learn about what is right or wrong, otherwise you’re not doing the right thing by your client,” she believes.  


“Make sure that your main thing is your customer service and looking after the client correctly because it is the biggest one of the biggest purchases that they’ll make.” 

Richard Bharata: Building a $6.5 Million Portfolio in 2.5 Years

In just two and a half years, Richard Bharata has been able to build a property portfolio worth more than $6.5 million.


The former engineer was always interested in getting involved in building wealth, but it wasn’t until he saw a video on the power of investing that he knew the time was right to get started. Richard was previously heavily involved in gaming and when he realised the time and money that he was wasting, he put all of his attention into property instead.


He made his first investment purchase in Perth in 2021 and then quickly bought more investment properties in both WA and QLD. In total, he now has 10 properties and expects to keep on adding to his portfolio.


“I always find the process of buying properties satisfying, challenging and something I really enjoy doing,” Richard says.


Richard says he was able to grow his portfolio rapidly because he bought well in markets that were rising as well as using creative financing strategies to help bring in more equity and also increase his ability to borrow.


After finding success so quickly and also uncovering a passion for property investment, Richard realised that this was something he wanted to do as a career so he could help others reach the same level of success as him.


He established his business iProperty Finder and was able to quickly get the business off the ground thanks to the reputation he had already created from building his impressive property portfolio.


“It’s like when you’re promoting gym clothes or gym equipment, you tend to buy from someone who actually looks fit or someone who takes action, not just someone who preaches it,” he says.


“While it’s never easy to find clients, there are people who actually reached out to me rather than having to do the phone calls.


“They actually reached out to me and they end up putting their trust in me to find them assets.


“They see the value in my service and that becomes a client.”


Richard has so far been able to build his business rapidly and has numerous clients he has helped buy four and even five properties in their own right.


“It becomes easier to attract clients who want to emulate what I’m doing,” he believes.


Richard looks to help clients buy properties right across the country and focuses on two key factors.


“I want to find an area that shows signs of growth in the short and medium term,” he says.


“I think with property it’s pretty predictable where it’s going, so we buy an area that is growing.”


He says he also only buys properties below market value.


“At least that way you’re combining the two best things in terms of creating wealth and making money in terms of equity,” he says.


“I don’t like paying over what the market is telling us.”


Richard worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.


He says the course got him off on the right foot and also being able to network with other buyer’s agents made a huge difference when he was getting established.


Richard believes that becoming a buyers agent was something that appealed to him for many reasons.


“I actually wanted to have more freedom and control of my time and along with investing it allows me to do that,” he says.


“Now I’m also able to make a real impact for my clients and there’s more fulfilment and satisfaction there.


“It’s like a calling in a sense.”


Looking forward, Richard wants to keep on building what he’s started.


“I think we just want to be consistent and really build a community of not just clients, but friends,” he says.


“When you have clients who you are buying your fourth or fifth property, that person really becomes part of your friendship circle.


“Clients will turn into friends, and then we just enjoy all this, passive income and grow together.


“And that’s the best position to be in.”

Kristan Johnson: Helping Buyers Through Emotional Purchases

Despite buying his first investment property when he was 23 and ‘making every mistake in the book’, Kristan Johnson, could see that property was the right path for him to create wealth. 


The former mental health nurse turned entrepreneur, knew he wanted to make the move into property eventually but at the time didn’t know the right way to do it. He wanted to be in the industry but never wanted to go into the sales side.  


After successfully building his own digital marketing agency and honing his negotiation skills, he eventually discovered that you could also help buyers and that’s when he realised where he needed to go. 


He established his business, Johnson Property Co and started helping people wanting a home of their own. 


“My ideal client is a primary place of residence buyer that’s looking to buy in the inner west of Sydney,” Kristan says. 


“We do some borderless investing, but it’s very much more focused on people buying their home to live in. 


“I think that the emotional intelligence and the emotional understanding that I can bring to the buying process lends me to helping buyers who are very much making an emotional purchase.” 


He said that while he is very good at the investment side after all his years buying properties for himself, he enjoys being by the side of home buyers and holding their hand through the entire process. 


“Not everyone can understand the emotional side of it and help their clients through what is probably one of the most stressful times in their lives,” he believes. 


He says that his psychology background really helps him when it comes to negotiations, which is something that many homebuyers struggle with. 


Kristan was able to get his business off to a very quick start thanks to his marketing abilities, but he also worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) early on to get him started on the right path. 


“I’m a big advocate in finding someone who’s already on the path that you want to be on and learning from their mistakes,” he says. 


“Ben made all the mistakes that a buyer’s agent probably would ever make, and I can hopefully fast-track my ability to get up to speed. 


“The thing is that you don’t know what you don’t know, and the ability to have someone who has been through it and say, listen, this is how you articulate value to a client, this is how you craft an offer to get an agent interested in getting the deal done early is really crucial. 


“I can talk to people, but understanding how to navigate those conversations in a way that delivers value for my client, I think that was, that was the key piece I got from BAI.” 


Going forward, Kristan is hoping to continue to grow his business and triple the number of transactions he is currently doing, as well as build out a team. 


He’s also looking to expand his area into the Lower North Shore and the Eastern Suburbs and build his brand around those locations. 


For people getting into the industry, Kristan says that it’s important to understand that building a business takes time. 


“It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s going to be hard work,” he says. 


“But if you’re willing to put the effort in and the hard work in, the rewards are there once you get up to speed. 


“But it does take time and you’ve got to really learn how to work hard before the fruits of your labour come in.” 


“You can’t just go into a new career in a new industry and expect to be driving Bentleys and running around with Rolexes. 


“You need to work really hard, but if you do that and if you run hard enough for long enough, the effort will pay off. “ 



Helping First Home Buyers and Investors Realise Their Dreams

When Kelly Burns was negotiating the purchase of her first property, she clearly remembers that feeling of being overwhelmed and wishing she had someone there to help.

While she was able to successfully buy the property and go on to grow her portfolio, as a first-time buyer she knows how tough it can be.

“It was such a long process and every step of the way I was trying to rely on the real estate agent to help me,” Kelly says.

“I realised that real estate agents specifically work for the vendor and the buyers don’t have anybody to represent them.
“I had no idea what I was doing. The competition with the other buyers was overwhelming and hard to navigate.
“It was my first time putting an offer on a property so I had no idea how the process worked, or any knowledge on how to purchase.”
After that first experience, she knew that she wanted to invest in property, but needed to educate herself. She invested a lot of time and money into learning everything she could about property and when she was ready, began to look for her next property – this time armed with a lot more knowledge and confidence.
“It was a journey I was prepared for this time around and I had all the knowledge behind me to make the best-informed decisions,” she explains.
“After searching for only six days I found an investment property that met all my criteria and for the right price. I conducted all the due diligence and the data stacked up perfectly.
“I managed to purchase the property off-market and secure it $35,000 below market value.
“It was such an amazing feeling to be able to accomplish a huge achievement of mine.

“It gave me the motivation to help others, especially young couples and families, to achieve their dreams of purchasing their first home or investment property.”

After seeing first-hand how tough it is for first home buyers, Kelly decided she wanted to find a way to help others get started on their property journey.

“I’m really passionate about helping people find their first home or investment property,” she explains.

“My goal is to encourage and help people realise it’s possible to purchase property, you just need a specific strategy.

“I help my clients through the whole process, from the early stages of saving a deposit and aligning them with the right professionals, right through to settlement.
“For most people, one of their biggest goals is to purchase a property.”
“But it’s easy to make many mistakes and it’s important to be educated to know how to research and conduct due diligence so that you’re making an informed decision.”
Kelly established Ignite Property Co. and focuses on helping first-time buyers and investors in the Newcastle area make more informed decisions. Her goal is to ensure they are not overpaying for a property or making emotional decisions that they might later regret.

While her first six months as a buyer’s agent have been hard work, she has found the process incredibly rewarding.
“Helping my clients purchase from start to finish and being on that journey with them is really incredible,” she says.
“They go through so many emotions, and you are there to help guide them through the process.
She says realistically people only purchase property once or twice in their lifetime.
“They’re not meant to know how the process works because it’s not something that is taught,” she believes.
“Unless you’ve spent a lot of time researching the market and understanding the processes then it can be quite overwhelming.”
Kelly was able to get her first client through a friend, but the first deal was a hard one to start with.
“Settlement was difficult, it went longer than expected and there were a few hurdles to go through,” she says.
“The vendor pushed the settlement date back three times, which made it difficult for my clients as they were selling and purchasing at the same time, so it was important that both settlement dates aligned.
“However, being a professional on their side, I ensured they were able to move into their new home without resorting to temporary accommodation.
“Going through that experience, my clients realised that having a buyer’s agent represent and support them was extremely valuable.
“If they had tried to navigate that journey by themselves, it would have been much more stressful.”
Kelly worked with the Buyer’s Agent Institute to help get her career started and says the program was incredibly valuable.
“The course content is incredibly in-depth,” she says.
“It provides a lot of value and gave me the resources and confidence to become a successful buyer’s agent.
“There’s always ongoing education which is extremely helpful as the industry is always evolving and changing.
“Honestly, if I didn’t do the course, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I’m forever grateful for that.

“I’m grateful for the ongoing support from Ben Handler and the mentorship from Bailey Compton and his team at Leverage.

“Also my fiancé for supporting me on this journey so I could turn my dream job as a buyers agent into a career.”

Looking forward, Kelly is aiming to help more first-home buyers and investors and eventually expand her team.

She says for other people looking to start a career as a buyer’s agent, the process is well worth it.
“If they’re passionate about property and it’s a path they want to take helping people purchase – one hundred per cent, go for it,” she believes.
“It’s such a rewarding process to help clients purchase their dream home.”

Commercial Property Expert

As a former business owner turned commercial real estate agent, Cameron Jay has a huge amount of knowledge about the types of properties businesses actually want and need.

As an ever-increasing number of people started to ask him about buying commercial real estate when he was doing sales, he realised that he might be able to help more people if he turned his attention more towards helping buyers.

Cameron says he has always considered finding properties the fun part of his job so he immediately knew where his passion was.

“My mantra is to make friends with people and take them shopping,” Cameron says.

“This isn’t work – this is, this is so much fun.

“I love people and I love property and I love doing deals.”

Cameron set up his buyer’s advocacy business, Investwise Property and now helps commercial and also residential buyers find high-quality properties across Greater Melbourne.

Cameron is an expert in commercial property and with his experience and understanding of the technical side of the transaction, he’s been able to achieve great results for his clients.

“My skill set, knowledge and experience and understanding of all the moving parts that come with commercial transactions is really important to buyers,” he explains.

“Commercial is about risk management.

“First of all, you’ve got to protect your client, then once you know you’re protected then you look for bonuses and the ‘wow’ factor or the black swan.”

He says it takes a very specific set of skills to understand what makes a good commercial property.

“Other BAs in commercial will just look at the building or the money side of things, but I actually go straight to the leases because I know how to read them and that’s where all the bodies are buried.”

Cameron says while he has been successful in getting his business established, it has taken time and there have been plenty of ups and downs and hard times along the way.

He worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says it was instrumental in getting him off the ground in the right way.

“Ben offers a very concise, no-waste toolkit,” he says.

“If you look, listen and learn and do what he says, then it works.

“I’ve been in this business for a few years now and I’ve never put a post on social media on only recently got a website.

“All my business has come from word of mouth and referrals.”

Cameron says that while he has made a strong start with his business, he is aiming to keep his operation small and continue working alongside his wife.

“I got into property so we wouldn’t have to have the staff,” he says.

“I’m not trying to build one of these big businesses, I want a bespoke business that I can run with my wife and maybe one or two other people.

He says his short-term goals are to continue to establish himself and keep growing.

“I just want to get to the point where I don’t have to think about where my leads are coming from and I know the phone is going to ring.”

Cameron says people who might want to get into the commercial side of the business need to put some time into gaining the appropriate experience.

“I think it’s very hard to do commercial well without doing 12 months as an agent,” he believes.

“Because it gives you a different perspective that you’re not going to learn in a book or a course.”

He believes people also need to keep on improving themselves to succeed in property over the long term.

“Just keep investing in yourself, keep learning, keep upskilling,” he says.

“The industry, be it residential or commercial, is always on the move, so you need to be as well.”

From Banking to Helping New Investors and Home Buyers

After going through the process of purchasing her own home, Sarah Treen realised she had a knack for both searching for quality investment opportunities while also having the people skills to be able to manage people and the negotiations with real estate agents.

Soon after she started helping friends of hers purchase investment properties on the Gold Coast, before realising that it was possible to become a buyers agent and actually build a career helping others.

At the time she was working in the banking sector and excelled at building relationships, while also understanding the financial side of business.

When Sarah got licenced and started her business, she initially subcontracted as Central Buyers Agents, before going out on her own.

She currently focuses on helping both first home buyers and investors who are having trouble knowing where to begin.

“I’m all about being authentic and honest with the services that I provide,” she says.

“It’s all about yourself and the services you can provide and how you can add value, especially to first home buyers who might not even know how to sign a contract or know what parties are needed to be involved in the purchase of a property.”

Sarah says that with her strong relationship-building skills she was able to get her business off the ground quickly and had signed up a number of clients when she started and quickly found herself with up to seven clients at a time very early on.

However, it wasn’t all easy and Sarah had to find a way to get her business off the ground while still being able to support herself and her two children as a single mum. She was fortunately able to work part-time in the banking sector, while she transitioned into her business in a full-time capacity, which has made the process a lot easier.

“I’ve done a full 360 to be honest, but I feel like that’s what I needed to do in order to be where I am and where I’m wanting to go,” she believes.

Sarah worked with Ben Handler at the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) when she first decided to go down this path and she says it was incredibly important in getting her business off the ground.

“I think it is absolutely amazing, the community he has built,” she explains.

She says the community aspect has been one of the most valuable parts of being in BAI, because you have access to a huge number of people around you who have been through the process and are prepared to give you advice and help you on your own journey.

“Whenever I meet with other buyers agents, we always talk about our leads, our current clients and what we could do differently,” she says.

“It’s really an amazing community space.”

She says the course is a great resource for learning how to build your business the right way, generate leads, build relationships and start your business from scratch.

For others looking to get involved in the industry, she says that it’s important that you are passionate about property and also knowledgeable and passionate about property.

“You have to believe in yourself,” she says.

“I know that sounds cliche, but you have to have a positive mindset, a realistic mindset and a good support network around you.”

From IT to Buyers Agent

After a 15-year career in IT, Puja Dhanetwal started buying property as a way to build wealth and to help support her young family.

Initially, Puja never thought that she would pursue a career in real estate, but after her portfolio continued to grow with properties spread right across the country, it was clear that she was very good at finding high-quality investments and she started to realise that it could be a real option.

After all her success in buying property for herself, Puja started to get approached by her friends and family for help buying properties and that’s when she realised she had the makings of a business. When her kids got a little older she felt it was time to start her own business.

“Turning 40 was the point for me where I was like, I’ve got to do something different,’ Puja says.

“I’ve got to start a business and do something more rewarding and fulfilling and take some risks.”

She says that coming from a family of doctors and professionals, she felt it was important to show her children that it’s possible to successfully run your own business.

With a young family and a busy life, it was a big step to leave her IT career, but as soon as she announced that she was starting her own business, she immediately started signing up clients because of her track record of buying property for herself.

She set up her business, Buyers Match and started helping other investors purchase properties all around the country, in the same way she was able to build her own portfolio.

She now focuses on buying properties that offer strong cash flow and are also located in areas that are in the early stages of growth and have good land value. Puja also helps owner-occupiers buy property in and around Melbourne.

Puja says that while her business got off to a quick start, the workload was very intense as she was still transitioning out of her old job all while trying to source multiple properties for clients.

“That’s when I thought to myself that I have to do this full time and there’s no way I can do this along with my job,” she says.

“So I decided to quit my job and luckily I got five clients in my first month.”

Puja worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that it was instrumental in getting her business off the ground.

“It’s been very helpful,” she says.

“When I was starting I would go through the content and learn how to deal with objections, build relationships with mortgage brokers and real estate agents and that was really helpful.

“Buying properties is something that I could already do, but learning how to build relationships was something that I needed to learn.”

Puja is currently focused on expanding her client base and building out her business processes.

She says that anyone interested in getting into the industry should look at ways of transitioning into real estate.

“If they’re passionate about they should do the course and take it slowly,” she explains.

“I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get into the industry.”

She’s also incredibly proud that her children will get to see what’s possible.

“The message I wanted to give to my kids was that you don’t need to be stuck in one kind of a role for your entire life,” she says.

“If you want to pursue your passion as your business, go for it.”