I wanted to introduce you to Sanjeev Sah

importance of being your own boss

I wanted to introduce you to Sanjeev Sah. He spent 14 years working in corporate as an IT specialist.

Sanjeev wanted to spend more time with his family and secure his financial future. But while he was suck in a corporate job, he was going nowhere fast.

So, he decided to change careers and become a Buyer’s Agent.

Sanjeev took 4 months unpaid leave from his job to see if he could make it work for him. He didn’t have a website or a Facebook business page.

So how did he go? Well, in the last 6 months, Sanjeev has signed up 17 clients. And he has a great boss… himself.

Here’s what he said about being a Buyer’s Agent…

“Now not only am I signing clients, doing joint venture deals, feeling financially secured… actually I quit my job too last month and decided to jump into this business wholeheartedly.”

If he achieved that kind of success without doing it “wholeheartedly” … I can’t wait to see what he’ll achieve now that he’s following his passion.

The best news is, he’s now spending more time with his family… and he can make 6 figures in less than a year. His financial future is looking great.

If Sanjeev’s story inspires you to find out more about being a Buyer’s Agent and becoming your own boss … let’s have a chat and work out how it can happen for you too.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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