Darren Keen: Helping People Relocate to the Gold Coast

by Ben Handler

April 2, 2024

Darren Keen has been a property investor for over 20 years and after a successful business career decided he wanted to start helping others achieve success in property. 


After moving to New Zealand when he was young, he got involved in property in his early twenties. 


“I started investing in property quite young,” Darren says. 


“I had my first rental when I was about 20. 


“From there I flipped a couple of properties and bought and sold a couple of sections and then built a house for ourselves.” 


Darren ran some sales-based businesses for many years but realised that his passion for property was something he wanted to pass on to others. 


“I always wanted to work in the field and had no interest working in the sales side,” he explains. 


“I really enjoy helping people and working for the buyer rather than selling people stuff.” 


He eventually established his own buyer’s agency, Keen on Property, based on the Gold Coast and looks to help owner-occupier clients who want to purchase in the area. 


Darren says he was able to get the business up and running quickly thanks to his background in business and sales. 


“It wasn’t too bad in the sense that it wasn’t my first business,” he says. 


“The actual setting up of the company wasn’t too bad and then as with most businesses, it’s just a matter of doing the hard yards to get your name known and start with the first few runs on the board. 


“And then it just follows on from there.” 


Darren says he was able to get his business off the ground by building a network and he also focused heavily on building his online presence. 


Despite being an experienced investor, Darren has been able to grow his business by working with people who have been relocating to Queensland – something close to his own heart after he made the move from New Zealand during COVID. 


Darren worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to help get started and he said all the resources were a huge help early on. 


“Just having everything in a format and a course that you could get through at your own pace was great,” he says. 


“And obviously I had an extensive real estate background already, so it was just jumping through the modules that I needed to finish it off.” 


“Then obviously making contacts and having access to a community of people that you can just bounce things off and talk to.” 


While Darren has been able to grow his business rapidly, he says it’s never easy to launch any new venture in a different location. 


“When we moved to the Gold Coast, obviously you lose all your contacts and all the people you know to work with and all those sorts of things,” he says. 


“So I had to build that up again.  


“But on the other hand, it’s been a bonus too, because you can do it with complete confidence and everyone you know that you meet wants to work with you and they don’t have a history of working with other people.” 


After a long career in business, Darren says he is happy to grow his buyer’s agency at a manageable pace. 


“I’m at a point in my life now of just enjoying life and helping people,” he says. 


“I’ve done the get bigger, bigger, bigger thing with other businesses where now I’m happy providing my service, my way to my clients.” 


Darren believes that working in property is great if you like helping others. 


“It’s definitely a great career,” he says. 


“It’s something that’s good if you have the knowledge of property and you truly want to help people.   


“I get the most enjoyment out of the people I help, rather than actually getting paid for doing it.” 

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