Data-Driven Property Investment

by Ben Handler

November 6, 2020

Buyer's agent Kyrillos Mansour

Before becoming a full-time buyers agent, Kyrillos Mansour clearly had a passion for property.

While learning what fundamentals drove property price growth, he built up his own database of every suburb in Australia, with 100 data points per suburb. At the time, Kyrillos was working as an optometrist, but he quickly realised his passion lay elsewhere in property.

“I always had an interest in property and in business. While I was working as an optometrist, I was doing my own property investing and I was building up my own database of information and research regarding different suburbs in different states in Australia because at the time I didn’t really have enough money to invest in Sydney.”

“I thought, if I want to invest outside of Sydney, I need to learn about the other suburbs in different states.”

Kyrillos built a huge database and quickly built up an understanding of how to identify suburbs and areas that were set to grow in value rapidly.

“I started compiling my own data and that became a huge Excel spreadsheet of every single home in every state in Australia – about 60 to 100 data points per suburb and I just kept getting more interested, more fascinated.”

“I started seeing how property can make people money and how you can generate wealth and pretty much just fell in love with it from that point on.”

After successfully building his own property portfolio, he was quickly approached by friends and family to help them achieve success in the same fashion as him.

“After I had bought my first few investments myself, a few friends and family members asked me, “how did you know about that suburb? How did you know where to go and the strategies to use?” So I started sharing my spreadsheet and data, with them.”

“In the end, I was pretty much doing a buyer’s agent’s job for them and really enjoying it.”

After making the decision to move into helping others achieve success as a buyers agent, Kyrillos slowly started to build up his business.

“The business itself is only just over 12 months old, but I’ve been buying property for people for around three years.”

“The first 12 months is always difficult no matter what business it is. I think a buyer’s agent is even harder because it doesn’t really exist in Australia, it’s such a small industry.”

After a slow start, he focused on giving value and educating others on property and then the business started to grow.

“For the first four months there were no customers, then we got the first customer and it was quite a big achievement.”’

“It took a while to go from number one to customer two. It took a little bit of time from two to three. Once we got to about five done, it just started to roll like the compound interest rule – the same thing with people.”

“This month I think we’ve been working on seven clients in a month.”

“The first 12 months has been a huge learning curve in terms of how to get customers and I see other buyer’s agents who probably achieve customers quicker, but I think the way I approached it about free education, giving out, giving out, it’s bringing in quality leads as well and building a brand.”

With his background in data, Kyrillos helps all types of home buyers and investors, locate properties all across the country.

When Kyrillos was getting the business off the ground, he was able to reach out to the BAI, to help at times when it was difficult finding the right way to move forward with the business.

“My idea of the Buyer’s Agent Institute course when I first started was someone’s going to teach me how to buy property. Very quickly I realised that wasn’t it. It was more so how to run a buyer’s agency business.”

“When I was first starting and I was a bit struggling to get any sort of leads, I used to message Ben. I said, “Hey, Ben. I’m struggling a bit. What do you reckon?” He said, “Yeah, come in for a chat”.

“When we spoke about things he said, “How about you explore this option? How about you explore that? He wanted to see me succeed.”

Going forward, Kyrillos’ goal is to both educate and help people achieve success through his company First Brick Property.

For people looking to get into a career as a buyers agent, Kyrillos suggests you need to be passionate and be looking to do it for the right reason.

“You’ve got be passionate about it, you’ve got to really understand it.”

“Equip yourself with the fundamentals of property by listening to every podcast you can find, read every book you can find, learn about all the different strategies you can find because everyone in Australia’s a property expert so if you’re going to charge for it, you really need to know what you’re talking about.

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