Do people need to have sales experience to  be a Buyer’s Agent?

by Ben Handler

January 6, 2020

master of your own destiny

I’m often asked whether people need to have sales experience to  be a Buyer’s Agent.

And they are often relieved when I tell them that Buyer’s Agents don’t need sales skills because they don’t sell anything. That’s because, the role is purely consultative, so we shouldn’t even be trying to sell anything at all. (Some of the best Buyer’s Agents I’ve known didn’t come from a sales background.)

That’s great news for people like me. Because I had never worked in sales when I started my career as a Buyer’s Agent.

When people look for a Buyer’s Agent, they aren’t looking for someone to sell them something. They want a professional who can research, negotiate, and do due diligence for them. And those skills are simple to learn.

But the best Buyer’s Agents I know all have one special skill that’s helped them to succeed. And that is, they were all highly trainable. They opened their minds to new ideas and ways of doing things.

And they were able to transfer skills they had from their previous careers. And when they combined those skills with the business and marketing skills, we gave them at the Buyer’s Agent Institute… their success was put on steroids.

If you’re open to new ideas, are highly trainable, and if you think you have what it takes to be a Buyer’s Agent… let’s have a chat and see If you’re a fit. Click on the link in the first comment.

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