Employee Mindset Vs Business Owner Mindset

by Ben Handler

May 4, 2020

Buyer's Agent Mindset

Let’s face it, the traditional education does not teach us to be business owners.

It’s no surprise it’s not the norm when you see someone who decides against getting a job, but rather starts their own business, not long after they leave school or university.

It all starts with your mindset.

Do you have an employee mindset or business owner mindset?

Why is it that the education system does not teach us about how to be entrepreneurs… how to create businesses that solve real problems?

When we grow up, the employee mindset feels like the safe option, and in some cases, the best option.

It’s not to say that being a business owner is better than being an employee, there is no right or wrong. The key difference is the mindset.

Both employees and business owners come with responsibility, however, more professional and personal growth can come from walking in the business owner’s shoes. Well, that was my experience having been an employee, compared to then running my own business.

1 key thing that stood out when I became a business owner was my level of awareness. Not just self-awareness, also the general awareness of people and situations around me. There seems to be a greater level of curiosity across all aspects of the business which leads to more questions.

I feel like it’s easier to get complacent when you are an employee. The mindset can be somewhat restricted, which can limit the true creativity and passion for someone. Whilst I believe everyone is a leader in their own capacity, true leaders are not free, until they are following their own heart and doing work that truly matters.

I believe that we are all placed on this planet to serve in some shape or form – we are all here to create and work out what is our true calling. Our career plays a major part of our life, outside of sleep.

Many people have an expectation of a life filled with joy and purpose, being financially free… how many people are really living this life and happy with their careers.

Why is it so many people end up in a career that they don’t enjoy?

If you are reading this and feel like you are a bit stuck with your career mindset i.e. you may be an employee looking to do something different, think about this:

  • What are your top 2 strengths?
  • Do you look forward going to work on Monday?
  • Do you feel like you are creating a real impact with what you are doing?
  • Do you feel inspired with what you are doing?

It’s never too late to design your own show, create your masterpiece, design your career from scratch. This is what life gives you, me, and everyone else. It’s up to you to choose what you paint, with what colors and brush.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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