Finding a Melbourne Buyer’s Agent

by Ben Handler

August 25, 2021

Finding a Melbourne Buyer’s Agent

Regularly voted one of the best cities to live in the world, Melbourne continues to be a desirable location for those looking for their next home or investment. From the urban cool of Fitzroy and Brunswick to the seaside bliss of St Kilda, there’s plenty of options for every type of property buyer.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in Melbourne, partnering with a buyer’s agent (also known as a buyer’s advocate) is a great way to get ahead of the competition and increase your chances of buying your dream property. Buyer’s agents can bring with them a heap of advantages, particularly when it comes to buying property in areas that are experiencing unprecedented growth and popularity such as: 

  • Brighton 
  • Box Hill
  • Cheltenham 
  • Glen Waverley
  • Hampton
  • Mount Waverley

Here’s where to start when it comes to finding a Melbourne buyer’s agent 

Look for a Local Melbourne Buyer’s Agent 

Are you located in or near the Melbourne area? Or are you looking to purchase from a more remote location, maybe Sydney or Brisbane? Regardless of your location, selecting a buyer’s agent located in or around the Melbourne area can bring with it a number of benefits. Choosing a buyer’s agent that is positioned close by to your area of choice means that they will be able to easily carry out face to face inspections on your behalf and will likely have a lot of valuable local knowledge. For example, say you have your heart set on purchasing a property in Southbank, a local buyer’s agent will have useful on the ground relationships that can make the buying process even smoother.

But where should you start when finding a Melbourne buyer’s agent? 

When looking for a Melbourne buyer’s agent, our buyer’s agent directory allows you to search by suburb or postcode providing you with a summary of each listing including: 

  • Contact information 
  • Directions 
  • Reviews 

You can even search by the type of Melbourne property that you’re looking to buy, including residential, investment or commercial.

Look Outside the Melbourne Area For A Buyer’s Agent  

Seeing as we live in such an increasingly remote working environment, there may be no need for the buyer’s agent that you work with to be located in or around Melbourne. Inspections can be carried out virtually, relationships can be managed remotely and ultimately, if you have a buyer’s agent that you’re happy with, or that has been directly referred to you, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve the same outcomes. Buyer’s agents can have contacts all over Australia, so give them the opportunity to demonstrate their value, regardless of their physical location. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they’re able to achieve on your behalf.  

Want to see which agents are closest to you? Use our Buyer’s Agent Directory to locate a nearby agent or search further afield across Australia. 

Becoming a Melbourne Buyer’s Agent

The Melbourne property market is incredibly exciting so if you’re looking to gain more expertise and potentially start purchasing property full-time or part-time, then becoming a buyer’s agent might be worth considering. 

You’ll have the opportunity to be your own boss, earn big and gain new skills in the process. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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