Four Investment Properties In His 20’s

by Ben Handler

September 26, 2023

When Emil Kozina settled on his first property as a 19-year-old, he knew that he was doing something that few people his age were able to do.

From a very early age, Emil Kozina knew he was going to have to work hard to set himself up financially in the future but he always knew he would get there if he just kept moving forward..

Emil says it was possible to buy early on because he was able to save money when he was younger.

“I got my first job when I was 12 or 13 years old,” Emil says.

“I just saved a lot of money and when I got to 18 my objective was to buy a house.”

“When I was 19, I was still living at home and was able to buy more first property.”

Emil says that he was inspired to get into property because his Dad was also a passionate investor.

“He’d done well for himself and taught me that if I wanted to stay at home, that was OK, but I needed to put my money to work,” he explains.

He says by the time he was 21 he had purchased another property all while studying at university and working multiple jobs.

“It then just continued to flow on from there,” he says.

“I ended up buying a third one with my brother before stopping for about four or five years.”

Emil has since gone on to build a house of his own and says he is now in a very strong financial position, because of how hard he worked to get things started.

He says that he always wanted a career in real estate but never wanted to go down the path of becoming a sales agent.

When he discovered it was possible to help buyers he knew that it was the role he was meant to do.

“I’ve always said I never wanted to be a real estate agent, but being on the buyer’s side, that was 100 per cent me,” he says.

Emil says with his track record of building a large property portfolio by himself when he eventually launched his buyer’s agency business, EK Property Approach, he was able to reach out to his contacts to get the business going early on.

He now looks to help both investors looking to purchase all around the country as well as owner occupiers around Greater Melbourne.

His approach is to help people buy high-quality properties that will ultimately allow them to build strong cash flow and passive income while also holding assets that grow in value.

Emil worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and said it was critical in helping him launch his business.

“The ongoing support and things like the webinars and clinics made a world of difference,” he believes,” he says.

“I often say that Ben is just built differently.

“The way he sees things and how he goes about it and overall approach to property.

“He’s just very clever and it’s been incredibly eye-opening for me.”

Going forward, Emil is looking to continue to grow his business and would like to bring on some more team members in the years ahead.

He says that you need to be passionate if you are looking to become a buyer’s agent.

“If it’s your passion and it’s your interest, just go for it,” he says.

“I think the biggest thing is don’t listen to what other people say.

“I feel there’s a lot of negativity out there, but if you stick to your true colours, and you do what you really want to do, just go for it.

“Don’t let anyone hold you back.”


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