From Banking to Award-Winning Buyer’s Agent

by Ben Handler

April 12, 2023

Coming from a background in banking and finance, Tiffany Browne knew how to build relationships and get great results for clients and it’s these same skills that ultimately helped propel her to being named 2022 REISA Buyers Agent of the Year.

Having bought her first property as a 23-year-old while working in banking, Tiffany’s eyes were quickly opened to the role that agents play in the sales process. As she continued to expand her property portfolio, she realised that buyers needed more help in the process and her own journey would have been far less stressful with someone to advocate on her behalf.

After her friends started seeking out her assistance to help them purchase their own properties, Tiffany realised that finding properties and helping buyers was something that she loved to do.

Early on Tiffany had a chance introduction to a potential buyer that got her career started.

“It was someone in my friend’s network, and she said, ‘if anyone can help this investor, it’ll be Tiffany’,” she says.

“That was my first client.”

After people continued to ask for her help, Tiffany decided to start exploring ways she could continue to help, while also making it economically viable as a career. In 2016, Tiffany decided to make the leap and became a full-time buyers agent and joined the boutique agency Xsell Property where she still is today.

While these days she has a large team around her to help, early on she put in huge hours and also put a big focus on networking with other property professionals.

“When I started I was putting in ridiculous hours,” she says.

“I was very hungry to grow and learn and that’s what I think led to my early success.”

“I also worked really hard to build relationships with referral partners and now that’s become more of an attraction business.”

Tiffany was also able to get established quickly by focusing purely on the South Australian market. At the time, being a buyers agent was a new concept for the South Australian market and she says having that local knowledge was very powerful.

“I think it’s really important to work with someone who has that local knowledge,” she believes.

“Wherever it is that you’re thinking of buying, try to find a buyer’s agent that is operating from that city or that area because they’re going to have the most valuable experience and advice.”

Tiffany also puts a lot of time and effort into trying to educate buyers.

“I’ve always been really mindful of educating people on what a buyers agent is and how they can serve the community and help people save time and money and take the stress out of doing it on their own,” she explains.

These days Tiffany focuses on helping both investors and owner-occupiers and said being focused on one market makes a big difference. She acknowledges that her journey has not been without its challenges.

“There have been times when deals didn’t go as planned, or when clients had unrealistic expectations,” she says.

“But the key is to stay resilient, learn from those experiences, and keep moving forward.”

“As a buyer’s agent, you should never stop learning.

“Attend seminars and workshops and engage in networking events to broaden your knowledge and connections.”

In her pursuit of continual improvement, Tiffany recently enrolled with the Buyers Agent Institute, after hearing stories of how it was helping a lot of people in the industry.

“I was actually introduced to Ben’s program officially through one of my mentees,” she says.

“So I thought, well, in order to truly provide relevant leadership and coaching within the industry, it was important that I get involved in that training and participate and learn from that as well.

“I’ve really admired the way that the people coming out of that program are incredibly supportive and just the nature of the community within the BAI group is great.”

Now that Tiffany has been able to establish herself as a driving force in the South Australian market, she also wants to help improve the industry.

“My vision is to elevate the property buying process and I would love to see more buyers agents collaborating,” she says.

“I believe that there is enough opportunity for everybody and that the best leaders serve.

“As a leader in this industry, I would love to continue to mentor and be an example for new people coming into the industry.”

She also says she envisions a world where every home buyer and investor works with a buyer’s agent, making the property buying process easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved.

For new people who want to join the industry, Tiffany says you must have a passion for people.

“If you love dealing with people and you value diverse groups of people and you see that you can communicate well and build relationships, then there’s a great opportunity for you here in this space,” she explains.

“You have to be willing to grow and to be open to all sorts of experiences.

“But there’s so much reward through the process.

“And find a great mentor – don’t expect to do this on your own.”

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