From Building to Buyers Agent

by Ben Handler

May 17, 2023

Adam and Katie Marsden have always been drawn to property and were looking to find a way that they could use their knowledge to help others.

Adam is a builder and has had a long career in and around the property industry while Katie always loved real estate but didn’t want to be a sales agent. When they discovered there was the possibility of being on the other side of the sales equation they both jumped at the chance to help buyers find their dream homes.

The pair established Earth Property over 12 months ago and began focusing on helping buyers looking for a home in the Southern Highlands, where the couple moved during the early COVID period.

“Our strategy was to target people who were professionals, executives with grown-up children, people who wanted to have that lifestyle change or that tree change,” she says.

The couple now focuses on helping owner-occupiers looking to buy in the area in the $4 million plus range and were able to capitalise on the incredibly strong interest in the area when they launched their business.

“For us, it was really important to get very crystal clear on who our client avatar was,” Katie says.

“I think if you cast your net too wide, you’re not going to please anyone, and you certainly won’t have a successful business if you try to do everything for everyone.”

The husband and wife team also have three young children and trying to launch a business at the same time was difficult Katie says.

During the transition out of the building industry and into a more full-time role as a buyers agent was also challenging and Adam was forced to spend a lot of time away from the family along with a lot of late nights from Katie.

Katie says that trying to transition out of one career to start up as a buyers agent was clunky at times, but they’ve still done really well.

“We’ve been very successful in a short period of time, but I think that we can grow and can be a little bit more efficient than it has been,” she believes.

Katie and Adam joined the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) before getting started and it has played a huge role in getting their business off the ground.

“It’s been the key, it’s been the thing that started us on our trajectory,” she explains.

“The BAI content has been absolutely fantastic, the support has been incredible.

“In those early days, Ben called me on his personal mobile number, so it was very personalised for us.

Katie says Ben even helped them secure their first deal when they were just getting established.

“It was extremely enticing and encouraging to have him so close to us, especially when we were just about to do some really big deals like our very first deal.

“He gave me a bit of a talk beforehand and we closed it at the highest commission that we were able to charge.

“And it was life-changing, it was absolutely life-changing.

“So I can’t thank him enough and the team enough for everything.”

She says that being part of the Everest program was also something that really was a game changer for their business and gave them another layer of accountability.

Katie believes the hardest thing for them getting started was trying to find that consistency.

“Even if you can just give it a tiny bit of effort each day, that momentum builds and that’s a compounding effect,” she says.

“There have been some days when I’ve just been so tired, but I’ve still tried to give a little bit of effort.

“There’s a combination of factors that make it successful and you want to see the results quickly and sometimes there’s a little bit of lag and that’s okay.

“It’s just understanding that if you just keep trying it does happen.”

Katie and Adam are now looking to capitalise on their momentum and keep growing their business, with the goal of doubling every year for the next five years while continuing to expand their team.

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