From Construction To Helping Buyers Achieve Success

by Ben Handler

June 12, 2024

Rob Panetta was always taught to put his money into the family home, pay it off and never branch out too far.

But he knew there was more that he could achieve in life if he built a property portfolio that could help set him up for the future.

Since purchasing his first property in 2015, he’s been able to grow a substantial portfolio after spending a lot of time learning about the market and getting educated.

“I come from a construction background, and I wanted to find a way to not work with my body every day, but work with my mind,” Rob says.

“With my background, I felt that I could transition into property really well.”

He says with his understanding of the construction side and his experience, he knows what to look out for in properties and that also gives him a competitive advantage over others.

After finding success on his own, he decided he wanted to start helping others with their property journey. He went on to establish his business, Lux Buyers Agents, in Melbourne and now helps owner-occupiers in Melbourne and investors right across the country.

“Typically, we go down the route of finding established homes where you have the ability to add value and create equity so you can go again,” Rob explains.

“We like to be able to help our clients build a portfolio, not just buy a single home and forget about them.

“We want to provide ongoing support and help them to continually try and build so that they can eventually live off their portfolio when they’re coming into retirement.”

The business got off the ground quickly, but Rob says that there have been challenges along the way.

“People coming into the industry might see other buyers agents doing well, but it really does take a lot of work day in and day out,” he says.

“You need to stay committed to the process and obviously keep that hustle going every single day.

“You’ve also got to make yourself available to clients and make sure you’re keeping them happy.

“And make sure that your standards are very high.”

Rob worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that the course really helped him get his business off the ground.

“I think Ben’s course is one of the best I’ve ever done,” he explains.

“It absolutely goes into every single little detail that you would need to know to start your business and to keep it going.”

He says the ongoing mentoring also plays a huge role in the development of buyers agents and it’s critical to continue learning while you’re in the role.

Moving forward, Rob is hoping to continue to grow his business and help more people.

“I want to build and scale my business, to become one of the leading buyer’s agents, in the industry,” he says.

“That’s obviously going to take a lot of hard work and you’re also going to need to get a lot of skilful people on board.

“You really do need a team to go to that next level.”

For other people looking to get into the industry, Rob suggests focusing on getting educated.

“You can’t just expect to come into the industry and buy a property tomorrow, he says.

“Clients are paying you really good money for your services, so you need to know what you’re talking about.

“Take the time to learn and then when you feel comfortable you can go and work for someone or go out on your own.”


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