From Developers to Helping Investors

by Ben Handler

October 17, 2023

Over 10 years ago, Bianca Brown and Joel Keefer, got started in property with the goal of using it as a vehicle for freedom.

After getting educated on property, the couple first got involved in investing and flipping houses before transitioning into smaller development projects like duplexes. They have since gone on to take on larger projects including, subdivisions, as well as higher cash-flowing projects in the rooming accommodation space.

“Our journey definitely started from our investing and getting educated and applying different strategies and basically building our property portfolio that way,” Bianca says.

After finding a lot of success the pair eventually transitioned into helping other people both acquire sites and investment properties and as project managers for developments.

“We were doing our own thing for a while and we felt like could turn it into a business,” she says.

“We thought about it for a couple of months, and we decided to launch the buyer’s agency and also do some development consulting and help anyone who has a site that isn’t really confident with the development and wanted someone to take care of it.”

The pair set up Echo Property on the Sunshine Coast to help investors who want to purchase land for a new build or a development and also those who want help executing a development.

Bianca says that given their experience as developers, managing the projects and dealing with clients has been relatively smooth.

However, setting up the business processes has been one of the challenges.

Bianca and Joel recently joined the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) even though they were an established business as a way to learn strategies to expand and improve some of the business strategies.

She says working with BAI was also incredibly helpful in learning how to best manage new investors who want to get into the development space and build a portfolio.

According to Bianca, they are also looking at ways to make the business processes more “turnkey” so they can bring in new staff and expand.

Going forward Bianca says they are looking to grow the business in the coming years.

“We want to get the business to the point where we can bring on another buyers agent,” she says.

“That would be great.”

“We’re not trying to build a huge business or anything like that, but more a lifestyle business where we can get to help other people grow their portfolio and build their wealth.”

“And from our perspective, we want to live a really balanced lifestyle and still do our own projects as well.

“So we’re working towards that.”

For other people who are interested in a career in property, Bianca says you need to love real estate.

“If you’re passionate about property and helping other people it’s a fantastic way to do what you love and there’s so many people out there that you can help,” she says.

“They don’t know what to buy, they don’t know where to buy, they don’t have the confidence, and it’s one of the biggest purchases someone will ever make.”

She says it’s incredibly fulfilling to help people and make such a big impact on their lives.

“If you’re interested and you like helping people, and you like research it’s an awesome industry,” she said.

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