From Engineer to Buyer’s Agent

by Ben Handler

October 3, 2023

Raj Moturu has always had a love for property that stemmed from his father who developed property in India. After Raj moved to Australia as a student nearly two decades ago, he knew that he wanted to get involved in real estate and follow his father’s lead.

Raj and his wife started investing at a young age and after a few years managed to build a substantial property portfolio.

Given his success, his friends started asking him for help and he realised that this might be something that he could turn into a career, despite being a well-paid and successful engineer.

“We used to talk to a lot of our friends because people don’t know what you can achieve with property,” Raj says.

“I started helping people and telling them why they should buy in a certain area or why they shouldn’t.”

Raj said he knew he wanted to do this as a career when he saw a sales agent trying to encourage a friend of theirs to increase the bid on a property that wasn’t worth that much. He says that’s when he knew there were a lot of buyers out there who could use his help and expertise and he could do this as a business.

Raj then set up his business, ENRICH Property Investors in Perth, and started actively helping people buy properties and educating them on how to build a high-quality property portfolio. He focuses on helping both investors and owner-occupiers and is able to help with a range of opportunities including development sites, commercial and standard residential.

Despite a strong start with his business, given his experience and contacts, he said there have still been a number of challenges.

“Like any business, it’s never going to be smooth sailing,” he explains.

He says the most difficult part is often negotiating between all the different parties involved in a real estate transaction and trying to find a way for everyone to come out happy at the end of it.

However, he says the experiences have been invaluable and helped him improve as a person and a buyers agent.

Raj worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) when he was getting started and said it really helped him get started on the right foot.

He said he went through the materials in just a few days and it really helped him with the business side of running a buyers agency, given that he came from a professional background as an engineer.

Going forward, Raj hopes to continue building his business and expanding.

“I’ve been working hard to develop a brand and build trust with buyers,” he says.

“I’m getting to the point that most of my business is coming from referrals as well which is great.

“By the end of 2025, I’m hoping to be the most trusted and best buyers agency in WA.

“In five years I’m hoping to become a household name.”

For those looking to get into the industry, he says it’s important to understand who you are going to help.

He says, that if you’re operating in a location like Sydney or Melbourne you can be an area expert for a certain suburb or LGA. Whereas in the smaller markets, you need to be able to cast a wider net and help people looking to buy all around the country.

He also believes you need to focus on your client relationships first of all.

“The trust that you build with your clients is also important,” he says.

He says that when you build a good relationship with your clients, then you can actually help them achieve more because they will listen to and trust your advice when you give it to them.

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