From Engineer to Development Site Expert

by Ben Handler

June 28, 2023

As a structural engineer, Rumana Khan always had a passion for property and construction, but it wasn’t until she had a family that she realised that she wanted to actively pursue her dream of building her own family home that she knew she needed to make a change.

Rumana says that when her first child was six months old, she was looking for a property for their family but was having trouble finding anything because of how competitive it was and really wished she had the help of someone who could bring her off-market opportunities with less competition.

That inspired her to become a buyers agent so she could use her skillset to help others.

With her engineering background, she often helped friends and family, build, renovate and design their own homes.

However, she ultimately discovered that it was possible to help buyers find properties as well.

“My husband said, you are always helping people with their designs for their homes and doing renovation projects,” Rumana says.

“You’ve got the structural and technical know-how to advise people on development projects or even just normal homes and how to renovate them properly.”

After leaving her corporate career, Rumana established her business, Primepod Property Consultants in Melbourne, and now helps owner-occupiers, investors and developers secure high-quality properties.

She says 60 per cent of what she does is helping large developers locate sites which could be worth upward of $50 million.

While also helping smaller investors, with securing sites and undertaking small-scale developments and renovations, as well as owner-occupiers who need a place to live in.

“Because of my background in structural engineering, I work very closely with builders, developers, and investors, because we have products that give you higher returns on your investment,” she explains.

“And that’s another thing that I really want to help people with because everyone is struggling financially.

“We all need that extra passive income to have a better life.

“It’s not enough to just buy a home, it’s about buying one and then maybe two more to have enough passive income to actually spend that time with your children and not have to worry about work, just to make ends meet with mortgage payments.”

Rumana says the first few years of getting established have gone well and she has put a big emphasis on building referral partners.

She says working with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) was instrumental to her success and having a group of people around her going through the same journey played a big part in her success to date.

“I think Ben has got a really great motivational aura around him, and that’s why I ended up doing the course,” she explains.

“I met some amazing people through the BAI and I think it’s great how they’ve grown as well.”

Rumana says her business continues to grow rapidly and she has a large network already in place.

“I’ve already expanded across 20 countries, and that’s leveraging about 80,000 odd agents with the way I’ve structured my business,” she says.

“And I’d really like to focus on some key country partners where I’ve already established some really quality high net worth referral partner clientele.

“Even my marketing and branding, it’s all about being a global buyers agent.

“I don’t limit myself to just Melbourne, and that’s how I’ve always wanted it to be.”

Rumana says she also wants to help buyers agents get more recognition for what they do and how they help people.

“For me, it’s not just about growing my business, but also to help make buyers agents in general, more recognised and respected in the industry.”

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