From IT to Becoming a Buyers Agent

by Ben Handler

June 8, 2023

From a young age, Rohit Gehlot knew he had a knack for making strategic financial decisions and it’s what ultimately helped him build a property portfolio with eight properties and launch a new career as a buyers agent.

After relocating from India, Rohit was working in IT, but knew he wanted more out of life and wanted to set himself up financially.

A car accident at the age of 37 was a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability and gave him the resilience and determination to turn adversity into advantage. During his recovery, he decided to focus his energies on starting his buyers agency, a decision that would change his life forever.

Just a year after the accident, and after many months of extensive research and study, Rohit purchased his first property in Sydney.

After finding a way to get finance one single income, he and his wife were then able to rapidly expand their property portfolio when his wife went back to work.

His second purchase in Perth started a spree of investments and in a short space of time, Rohit had built a portfolio of around $4.8 million, across eight properties.

“We expanded our portfolio with specific goals in mind, allowing us to plan for our future and let time do its magic,” he says.

“Realising the potential for wealth creation through property was what really hooked me.”

With the growth of his portfolio, Rohit started to see property as more than just a wealth driver. It became a way to secure a future for him and his wife.

Once word got out about Rohit’s talent for property investment, he found himself helping friends and family. He also noticed a common theme, that many people didn’t realise that owning more than one or two properties was really possible. Rohit began to educate those around him, explaining the potential benefits and risks of property investment. It was during these discussions that he realised his passion could translate into a full-time career.

“That’s how InvestorAid came into being,” he explains.

“I wanted to help others make informed decisions about property. The key was finding the right property, in the right location, for the right reason.”

Rohit also worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI), which provided valuable resources and support when he was starting out.

“The BAI network was incredibly helpful in understanding the expectations of a buyer’s agent and of clients,” he says.

“The regular guidance and support from the network were invaluable, especially during the early stages of establishing my business.”

At this point, Rohit’s primary focus is helping investors and he strongly believes in maintaining a narrow focus and going deep into the subject matter.

“Until I have multiple people in my team, each focusing on a specific segment, my focus will remain on investors,” he says.

Rohit’s investment strategy is data-driven, with the aim is to find undervalued markets where he can get the most value for his clients.

“If we’re purchasing a relatively new property, say five to ten years old, we aim to pay only for the cost of the building, essentially getting the land for free,” he says.

“On the other hand, if we’re investing in older properties, in established suburbs, the strategy is to pay for the land and get the building for free.”

Rohit’s approach focuses on both good cash flow and capital growth and he believes that to build a large portfolio, it must be sustainable.

“You can’t focus on one and expect to build a large portfolio. It doesn’t matter how much capital growth you’ve got; if it doesn’t have cash flow, you’ll hit your borrowing capacity sooner than you might initially think,” he explains.

Looking forward, Rohit hopes to continue growing his business while educating more people about property investment.

“Our approach has always been slow and steady, growing organically,” he says.

“But now, we’re looking at how we can refine our service as a buyer’s agent in Australia and really zero in on the value we can add.”

“We’re not just about buying homes for people; we’re about educating them so they can make informed decisions themselves.

“We want to provide the resources they need to make the right choices. And that’s exactly what we plan to do, moving forward.”


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