From IT to Buyers Agent

by Ben Handler

October 31, 2023

After a 15-year career in IT, Puja Dhanetwal started buying property as a way to build wealth and to help support her young family.

Initially, Puja never thought that she would pursue a career in real estate, but after her portfolio continued to grow with properties spread right across the country, it was clear that she was very good at finding high-quality investments and she started to realise that it could be a real option.

After all her success in buying property for herself, Puja started to get approached by her friends and family for help buying properties and that’s when she realised she had the makings of a business. When her kids got a little older she felt it was time to start her own business.

“Turning 40 was the point for me where I was like, I’ve got to do something different,’ Puja says.

“I’ve got to start a business and do something more rewarding and fulfilling and take some risks.”

She says that coming from a family of doctors and professionals, she felt it was important to show her children that it’s possible to successfully run your own business.

With a young family and a busy life, it was a big step to leave her IT career, but as soon as she announced that she was starting her own business, she immediately started signing up clients because of her track record of buying property for herself.

She set up her business, Buyers Match and started helping other investors purchase properties all around the country, in the same way she was able to build her own portfolio.

She now focuses on buying properties that offer strong cash flow and are also located in areas that are in the early stages of growth and have good land value. Puja also helps owner-occupiers buy property in and around Melbourne.

Puja says that while her business got off to a quick start, the workload was very intense as she was still transitioning out of her old job all while trying to source multiple properties for clients.

“That’s when I thought to myself that I have to do this full time and there’s no way I can do this along with my job,” she says.

“So I decided to quit my job and luckily I got five clients in my first month.”

Puja worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that it was instrumental in getting her business off the ground.

“It’s been very helpful,” she says.

“When I was starting I would go through the content and learn how to deal with objections, build relationships with mortgage brokers and real estate agents and that was really helpful.

“Buying properties is something that I could already do, but learning how to build relationships was something that I needed to learn.”

Puja is currently focused on expanding her client base and building out her business processes.

She says that anyone interested in getting into the industry should look at ways of transitioning into real estate.

“If they’re passionate about they should do the course and take it slowly,” she explains.

“I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get into the industry.”

She’s also incredibly proud that her children will get to see what’s possible.

“The message I wanted to give to my kids was that you don’t need to be stuck in one kind of a role for your entire life,” she says.

“If you want to pursue your passion as your business, go for it.”

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