From Renovator to Buyers Agent

by Ben Handler

August 15, 2023

After reading a book on positive cash flow properties back in 2003, Michelle Lewis was immediately hooked on the idea of making wise investment decisions.

When she was only 20, she purchased her first property and started to put her knowledge to work, renovating the rundown property that had 22 cats living in it and turning it into a home.

From that point she started to look at other ways she could grow her portfolio using positive cash flow.

“In 2012, I started getting serious about the idea of positive cash flow,” Michelle says.

“We were living in Newcastle at the time and did four deals there in two years as well as some renovations interstate.

“Over the years we’ve done a combination of deals where we would buy, renovate and flip and also buy, renovate and hold for that positive cash flow.”

With over a decade of experience herself and helping friends and family, Michelle decided she wanted to pursue her passion for property in a way that could help more people.

“People have been asking me to be a buyers agent for a long time and I guess I focused on family, so I had put it to the side,” she explains.

With her children getting older she had more time and felt that it was finally the right point to start helping more people.

Michelle established her business, Michelle Lewis Property in South Australia and immediately signed up four clients when she launched because of her reputation and extensive knowledge.

She is currently helping both investors and owner-occupier clients and sources properties right across the country, with a special interest in renovation projects.

Despite having found success quickly, Michelle says there have still been challenges.

“The challenges that are ongoing are always bringing clients in and also really educating them about what a buyers agent is,” she says.

“Some people don’t even know that we exist or what it is we do.”

Michelle worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says it was incredibly valuable when she was getting her business off the ground.

“I absolutely loved Ben’s course,” she says.

“I loved the entrepreneurial side of it.”

“I’m constantly learning, but building a business from the entrepreneurial side of things and actually having a BA business is very different to being a property investor.”

She says the course has also helped her improve her due diligence process with client purchases as well as adding to her overall knowledge base through the extra information and coaching from the guest speakers.

Going forward, Michelle hopes to bring on some more team members as she expands her business.

She’s also very passionate about helping people get into the property market who might have thought it was out of their reach.

Michelle says anyone who is starting their career as a buyers agent should be focused on getting out there and doing the things that have the largest impact.

“My advice would be to network, network, network,” she says.

“There’s no point being the world’s best-kept secret.”


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