From Science to Property

by Ben Handler

January 23, 2024

Luciana Bassi Bucater bought her first property in 2009 and immediately knew it was a fantastic way to build wealth and set her family up for the future.

She continued to buy properties, however, when she ultimately purchased a unit that underperformed, the scientist started to ask herself why it didn’t achieve the growth that the other properties did. It was that moment that changed her path forever, as she started learning everything she could about property and began targeting properties that were ripe for capital growth.

“Once I’ve learned how to learn to select suburbs early in the growth cycle, then it became quite an enjoyable journey,” Luciana says.

“I sold the unit and then I started buying based on the data and the insight that the data was giving me.

“I kept on buying for ourselves but then started using data to help friends and family.”

With her background in science and numbers, Luciana started using a data-driven approach to finding the areas that were likely to see future capital growth and that led to the value of her portfolio continuing to grow rapidly.

After getting a huge amount of interest from those around her, Luciana realised that this was something she could then potentially do as a business.

“I love real estate, so every spare moment I had, I was reading or listening to podcasts on real estate,” she said.

“So I thought it makes sense for me to change careers.”

Luciana then set up Bassi Property Buyers and started working part-time with the goal of transitioning out of her full-time job. She says that over time the business has really started to grow.

“It’s snowballing,” she says.

“It’s amazing to see that if you do something well, and you get your client’s trust, it’s just a matter of time until everything falls into place.”

Luciana’s main focus is on helping investors find high-quality properties that are in the early stages of the growth cycle with the help of data. She also works with first homebuyers who are looking not only for a home but also a good investment that will grow in value.

Luciana worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says the program makes the process of getting started a lot smoother.

“I really like the business in a box,” she explains.

“Ben’s complied a list of everything that needs to be done, so normal people without a background in business can get started quickly.”

She says the community is amazing as well.

“I already have quite a few good friends now and we did the assistant agent course together,” she says.

“And we are able to bounce ideas off each other and touch base regularly.”

Looking forward, Luciana wants to continue to grow her business and is hoping to transition out of her job by June next year.

She also wants to take on more clients but is mindful of keeping up the high level of service that she is known for.

For other people looking to get into the industry, Luciana says that you just need to trust the process and keep working at it.

She also says that the great thing about the industry is that even if you don’t have all the skills you need right away, there are always opportunities for new buyer’s agents to team up and work together.

“Some people engage with me or others who are good with the data crunching,” she says.

“They let us do the suburb selection and then they go out and do the the property sourcing within the suburbs that we select.

“So it really is about teamwork and trusting the process.”

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