From the Military to Helping Buyers in QLD

by Ben Handler

December 14, 2023

Adam Davis inherited his love of property from his father, who always told him that you need to start buying property as early as you can.

When he was young he started his working life in the military and used that as a way to save hard and eventually purchased his first property – a block of land on the Sunshine Coast that he went on to build a home on.

That was the trigger that saw him start expanding. He repeated the process and did another build as well as purchasing his PPOR in Brisbane that he renovated. He also moved into larger scale developments including an 8-unit build in Brisbane.

During that time he also worked in the fitness industry running his own business, but knew that his passion remained in real estate and wanted to find a way to do it full-time.

“I dabbled in real estate 20 years ago,” Adam says.

“Back then I worked for a lady who was a buyers agent, back before people knew what a buyers agent was.”

“So the main reason for me to get back into the buyer’s agent space is my general passion for property.

“I’m looking at the next 20 years, to work in this space and work freely at my own pace.”

During COVID, Adam realised that it was time to make the change and set up his own business, Adam Davis Buyers Agent, which looks to help both owner occupiers and investors in QLD.

He focuses on buying in South East Queensland between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and out to Toowoomba.

He says he was lucky when he was first starting out because he was able to get some help from an experienced buyers agent in his area and that got him started on the right foot.

“Initially there were definitely some challenges,” he explains.

“I’m forever grateful that he gave his time freely whenever I needed it to understand what the next steps were and give me some of his skills.”

He says early on it did take him some time to learn the processes and find his own way of doing things.

Adam also said that stepping into a new industry was daunting even though he was a very experienced investor.

“You’re learning all these new skills, learning a lot of information about property and it’s not just about buying property but also taking your clients brief and looking after them in the right way,” he says.

Adam worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that it was instrumental in getting him started on the right foot.

“It’s definitely a good kickstart to getting yourself on the right track,” he believes.

He says he also likes the way in which the process is kept simple so you only focus on the most important activities that drive your business forward.

Going forward Adam wants to continue to grow his revenue and expand his business

But he also wants to make sure he is continuing to do the very best he can for his clients.

“I want to make sure that I add value to my clients,” he says.

“And I think if I do those two things first without fixating on how much I want to make, the financial reward will automatically come.”

Adam says for those getting into the industry, he says starting out under another BA can be incredibly helpful.

“That definitely gives you a good leg up into processes and systems, how to speak, and how to format a lot of the negotiations and just general dealings with agents and clients.”

He also says to make the most of the BAI community.

“There’s been some other people within the BAI group, which have been fantastic,” he says.

“I realised quite early on that the BAI network on Facebook in particular is where I think all the gold is because people are willing to answer questions, to jump on the phone and to help each other out.”

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