Great Tips To Help You Find The Right Buyer’s Agent

by Ben Handler

September 17, 2020

Looking to buy a home quickly? Here’s how to find the right buyer’s agent to find you the perfect home fast. And to find the best Buyer’s Agent to meet all your needs

Finding the right property is hard enough, but if you want to buy a home quickly, it can be downright tough. Mainly because there aren’t always a huge amount of homes on the market. 

But there is a way to take away the frustration and overwhelm, and that’s by using a Buyer’s Agent.

Buyer’s Agents help to take the stress and emotion out of buying a home. And they often stop buyers from paying more than the property is worth.

One way they do that is by falling for the tactics and tricks used by selling agents. And because they are on the front line day in, and day out… they know exactly what’s going on in the market.

So as helpful as they are, how do you know if a Buyer’s Agent is a good one? 

Here’s a quick list of questions I ask to make sure a Buyer’s Agent is a good one.

#1: Ask them how much experience they have

For many people, buying a house is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. So you want to make sure the Buyer’s Agent you use, has the right level of experience.

#2: Ask them if they’re a Buyer’s Agent exclusively

There can not be a conflict of interest here. When you’re buying a home, you need your agent to represent you exclusively. And that’s exactly what you get when you work with a Buyer’s Agent.

#3. Ask them about their previous experience and purchases

You need to know that they can do what they promise you. And that comes when they give you a proof of their results.

Also, if you’re buying a home in Brisbane, you want to know they have experience with that market and have sound local knowledge. 

#4. Do they have an extensive network of contacts?

The best Buyer’s Agents are well known and are well-connected. And that can help you to be offered properties before they even hit the market. 

#5. Do they own any property themselves?

Ideally, a Buyer’s Agent should have bought a property themselves and know what it’s like to go through the process personally.

But having said that… this is not always the best way to determine their competence. I mean, we don’t put that same kind of judgement on doctors. When you think about it, a lot of doctors who are specialists in a medical condition haven’t actually had the condition themselves.

A Buyer’s Agent needs to be passionate about property, though.  

#6. Ask them about their fee structure

You’ll want to know what the Buyer’s Agent is going to charge you. But be warned, the cheapest isn’t always the best. Standard is between 1%-3% of property value/price depending on the service they give you. But some Buyer’s Agents charge a little more… and most of the time they are worth it.

But don’t just price shop. Because small amounts of money “saved” in one area could be costing you massively in other areas. Do your research to make sure you are getting the best service as well as the best deal. 

A Buyer’s Agent can be a huge asset to you when you buy your new home. But only if you get a good one.

That’s why you need to do your research and make sure the Buyer’s Agent you choose is the right one for you.  

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