Helping Buyer’s Agents Grow

by Ben Handler

May 9, 2023

Grant Johnsen has been around property his entire working life, having started out in the building industry and ultimately started his own business as a building certifier.

Throughout his journey, he saw a wide variety of building work including residential renovations and larger residential developments which inspired him to start doing his own development projects which helped develop his passion for property.

“A big chunk of my life has been around property and I’ve always had a real interest in property,” Grant says.

Grant says that while he has always loved property, the real pivot for him came when he started to work with other people and help them on their own property journey.

After realising that he could reach more people, Grant launched Buyers Butler along with some of his other business partners and wanted to bring a new and fresh approach to the buyer’s agent space.

“We operate as a fully-fledged buyers agency and help a range of different people, whether it’s their first ever property, an investment property, or their dream home, whether it’s a weekender or their principal place of residence.”

Grant says that there are always going to be challenges in business and especially in property because of the ups and downs in the cycle.

“We launched the buyer’s agency at a really good time because the market kind of went crazy with COVID,” he explains.

“There were a lot of buyers and not enough stock.

“That was a great time for us, but obviously, especially last year, the market totally changed.

“I’ve found that you’ve got to be nimble, agile and you’ve got to move quickly, you’ve got to be able to pivot.

“You’ve got to be looking for opportunities but you also have to be able to pull the lever and fire something up quickly.”

Grant and the team also wanted to help other buyers’ agents and find ways to support them and allow them to grow their own buyer’s agency businesses.

“We’re now rolling out our partnership offering with Buyers Butler, to help buyers agents start and scale their businesses.

“They have the backing and support of our brand and then the support offerings that go with that.”

“But the heart behind them is to encourage and equip them and support them to do what they love to do which is helping their clients buy amazing properties.”

Grant says he joined the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) around 18 months after launching his business and said the experience has been great.

“We had to learn the hard way,” he says.

“We didn’t have all that knowledge and IP that’s in the BAI course, we had trial and error which is never fun.

“When you start doing the course, you’ve got 10 years plus of learnings from Ben and everything he’s been through in the industry, all packaged up and put into a seven-week program.

He says there was so much good content that it can feel like you’re “drinking out of a fire hydrant” at times, but that’s a good thing because there is so much to absorb and implement regardless of where your business is at.

Going forward, Grant says he is focused on building a premium buyers agency brand both nationally and internationally.

He also wants to continue to focus on supporting other buyers’ agents as more and more people become a part of the group.

“It can be lonely out there running a business and doing it on your own, and having support and encouragement and being a part of a like-minded group of people can really help you through the tough times and propels you forward in the great times,” Grant says.

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