Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

by Ben Handler

October 15, 2020

While Kylie Timms and Belinda Walters have had plenty of experience in property, they didn’t follow the traditional path to becoming buyer’s agents.

The pair currently operate Location One – a successful buyers agency in Brisbane – however, they come from diversified industries. This is something they feel not only sets them apart but adds huge value to their property acquisition process.

“We have a slightly different background to most, however, collectively we have had property experience through developments and renovating properties. Kylie has had a wealth of experience in customer service and Belinda has enjoyed a distinguished career in the business sector.”

“Customer care and our high-level service offering is something that is incredibly important to us – making sure that we provide our clients with outstanding customer service. We provide our clients with the best options for them, and really focus on their property goals and helping them buy a great property at a great price.”

Both Kylie and Belinda were highly experienced in property before embarking on a career as a buyer’s agent, which helped the transition.

“Over a period of 12 years, Belinda renovated and sold 8 properties, and became a go-to person within her family and friends who were seeking support and advice when buying property.”

“Kylie also had a wealth of experience in renovating and together we saw that there was a gap in the market. The real estate salesperson is on the seller’s side, but we identified a gap where someone was representing and supporting the buyer.”

Location One focuses on finding properties in the Brisbane area and work with all types of home buyers and investors.

“We cover all aspects of the Brisbane property market. Our strength is uncovering a lot of off-market property, buying in really good areas that have good potential for strong capital growth. When looking for our investors it is important to find properties that are in good demand areas, that are close to public transport, have a good network of infrastructure, positioned in good school catchments, and return a strong rental yield.”

After an extensive period of research, Belinda and Kylie launched their businesses and managed to get things moving through referrals.

“We were very confident in our own abilities because of our previous personal experience.
Initially, a lot of our clients came through referrals and recommendations from people we knew, however, these days, many of our clients are repeat clients or come from our strong industry referrals.”

Despite being in business for more than five years, Kylie and Belinda wanted to continue to improve the way they operated their business and reached out to BAI to look at improving what they were offering.

“You’ve always got to look at yourself and how can you do things better. It’s about looking at new ideas, being open to new ways of doing things, and keeping ahead of the market and industry trends.”

“Ben grew Cohen Handler into one of the most successful buyer’s agencies in Australia and he’s a wealth of knowledge along with being a good guy.”

Going forward Kylie and Belinda want to focus on being the best they can and continue to help clients.

“We’ve never wanted to be the biggest. We’ve only ever wanted to provide the best quality of service and product. So for us, it’s all about being a leader, being an innovator, being somebody that is highly regarded, not only in the industry but also with our clients.

“It’s about doing a better job, delivering outstanding customer service and improved satisfaction for our clients. We don’t want to grow bigger as a company, we just want to get better and be highly regarded in the industry.”

Kylie and Belinda feel a career as a buyer’s agent is perfect those who genuinely want to help people and love property.

“It’s a fabulous industry if you go in with the right intention of helping people to buy good properties and do it smartly. There’s plenty of opportunity for people who want to do it and want to do it well.”

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