Helping First Home Buyers and Investors Realise Their Dreams

by Ben Handler

February 20, 2024

When Kelly Burns was negotiating the purchase of her first property, she clearly remembers that feeling of being overwhelmed and wishing she had someone there to help.

While she was able to successfully buy the property and go on to grow her portfolio, as a first-time buyer she knows how tough it can be.

“It was such a long process and every step of the way I was trying to rely on the real estate agent to help me,” Kelly says.

“I realised that real estate agents specifically work for the vendor and the buyers don’t have anybody to represent them.
“I had no idea what I was doing. The competition with the other buyers was overwhelming and hard to navigate.
“It was my first time putting an offer on a property so I had no idea how the process worked, or any knowledge on how to purchase.”
After that first experience, she knew that she wanted to invest in property, but needed to educate herself. She invested a lot of time and money into learning everything she could about property and when she was ready, began to look for her next property – this time armed with a lot more knowledge and confidence.
“It was a journey I was prepared for this time around and I had all the knowledge behind me to make the best-informed decisions,” she explains.
“After searching for only six days I found an investment property that met all my criteria and for the right price. I conducted all the due diligence and the data stacked up perfectly.
“I managed to purchase the property off-market and secure it $35,000 below market value.
“It was such an amazing feeling to be able to accomplish a huge achievement of mine.

“It gave me the motivation to help others, especially young couples and families, to achieve their dreams of purchasing their first home or investment property.”

After seeing first-hand how tough it is for first home buyers, Kelly decided she wanted to find a way to help others get started on their property journey.

“I’m really passionate about helping people find their first home or investment property,” she explains.

“My goal is to encourage and help people realise it’s possible to purchase property, you just need a specific strategy.

“I help my clients through the whole process, from the early stages of saving a deposit and aligning them with the right professionals, right through to settlement.
“For most people, one of their biggest goals is to purchase a property.”
“But it’s easy to make many mistakes and it’s important to be educated to know how to research and conduct due diligence so that you’re making an informed decision.”
Kelly established Ignite Property Co. and focuses on helping first-time buyers and investors in the Newcastle area make more informed decisions. Her goal is to ensure they are not overpaying for a property or making emotional decisions that they might later regret.

While her first six months as a buyer’s agent have been hard work, she has found the process incredibly rewarding.
“Helping my clients purchase from start to finish and being on that journey with them is really incredible,” she says.
“They go through so many emotions, and you are there to help guide them through the process.
She says realistically people only purchase property once or twice in their lifetime.
“They’re not meant to know how the process works because it’s not something that is taught,” she believes.
“Unless you’ve spent a lot of time researching the market and understanding the processes then it can be quite overwhelming.”
Kelly was able to get her first client through a friend, but the first deal was a hard one to start with.
“Settlement was difficult, it went longer than expected and there were a few hurdles to go through,” she says.
“The vendor pushed the settlement date back three times, which made it difficult for my clients as they were selling and purchasing at the same time, so it was important that both settlement dates aligned.
“However, being a professional on their side, I ensured they were able to move into their new home without resorting to temporary accommodation.
“Going through that experience, my clients realised that having a buyer’s agent represent and support them was extremely valuable.
“If they had tried to navigate that journey by themselves, it would have been much more stressful.”
Kelly worked with the Buyer’s Agent Institute to help get her career started and says the program was incredibly valuable.
“The course content is incredibly in-depth,” she says.
“It provides a lot of value and gave me the resources and confidence to become a successful buyer’s agent.
“There’s always ongoing education which is extremely helpful as the industry is always evolving and changing.
“Honestly, if I didn’t do the course, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I’m forever grateful for that.

“I’m grateful for the ongoing support from Ben Handler and the mentorship from Bailey Compton and his team at Leverage.

“Also my fiancé for supporting me on this journey so I could turn my dream job as a buyers agent into a career.”

Looking forward, Kelly is aiming to help more first-home buyers and investors and eventually expand her team.

She says for other people looking to start a career as a buyer’s agent, the process is well worth it.
“If they’re passionate about property and it’s a path they want to take helping people purchase – one hundred per cent, go for it,” she believes.
“It’s such a rewarding process to help clients purchase their dream home.”

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