Helping First Home Buyers and Investors

by Ben Handler

April 9, 2024

After getting a taste for property when she purchased and renovated her first home, Rhoda Barsalli always felt that having a career in real estate was something she wanted to do.

Soon after successfully tackling her first renovation project, she quickly moved on to buying another property and doing the process again and renting it out as an investment.

“From there I started looking at other ways of getting into property and I started flipping properties, focusing more on buying undervalued properties that were in original conditions around the Eastern Suburbs and then renovating and selling them in a short period of time,” Rhoda says.

“I really enjoyed that process as well and it gave me a lot more insight about, how I could negotiate, what to look for when you’re buying undervalued properties and just seeing the potential that certain properties had.”

Having come from a background in project management in the digital world, she felt that she could transition into property in a full-time role.

“I wanted to find a way to make people’s lives simpler during that buying process,” she explains.

“I love buying property but I also love helping people by utilising the knowledge that I have.

“So it made sense to bring it all together.”

At that point, she established her buyer’s agency in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and started helping people searching for their own homes and in particular first home buyers.

“I started helping the first couple of clients and was focusing more on first home buyers,” she says.

“I felt like there is a niche in the industry and a lot of buyers agents out there, don’t help first-time buyers because of their smaller budgets.”

She said that it has given her a huge amount of satisfaction.

“I really enjoy helping people who have no idea where to start with buying a property and are daunted by the whole experience,” she explains.

“They don’t understand why agents tell them a certain price and then it sells for 20 per cent more and they’re just constantly battling through and not knowing what to expect.”
With her background investing in a range of different properties, she’s also been able to work with a number of investors and downsizers as well.

While her business has been going from strength to strength, it hasn’t been without its challenges.

“I’ve had to have a complete change in mindset, having worked in the corporate world for 20 years,” she says.

“It’s really a mental challenge and you often doubt yourself.

“But I made that decision and backed myself and I still remember the moment I announced I was a buyers agent on LinkedIn.

“At that point, there was no going back.”

Rhoda worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says it made the entire process of getting established a lot easier.

“I have the knowledge of property, have my own portfolio and have done a lot in real estate, but I needed to get the confidence to know that I could make a business out of it,” she says.

“I don’t come from a sales background either.

“The course really helps you put yourself out there and learn how to talk to referral partners and build a network.”

Rhoda says her goals are to continue to build up her business and keep growing.

“My main goal is to really build a good network of referral partners around me,” she says.

“But I also want to build a good reputation that’s going to continue that pipeline of clients and referrals.”

Rhoda says that for people looking to join the industry they need to know their point of difference.

“Think about why you want to do this and what you bring to the table that makes you different,” she says.

“If they are interested in property and helping people BAI is definitely a great place to start.”

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