Helping Investors Generate Passive Income

by Ben Handler

September 27, 2020

Buyer's Agent Sanjeev Sah

In a little over 12 months, Sanjeev Sah has quickly established himself as a successful and highly regarded buyers agent in Sydney.

Before embarking on his journey into property on a full-time basis, Sanjeev was already a very successful investor. He was able to go about building a property portfolio that quickly generated more income than his full-time job and that made him realise just how powerful property was.

As he becomes more successful, Sanjeev found himself in a position where friends and family were turning to him for advice on all aspects of property and he realised this might be something he could build a business around.

“To be frank I think becoming a buyer’s agent came as a total surprise to me. I had never planned for that because I was doing my own property investing and I was quite successful, successful.”

With a network of friends and family already calling on his help, Sanjeev was able to build a business very quickly and transition out of his IT role.

From day one, Sanjeev focused on helping property investors, which was an area he was already highly skilled in. However, he also saw there was scope to work with owner-occupiers as well.

“When I started, I wanted to help investors because that was my goal. I’ve always been passionate about talking about creating passive income and building a solid portfolio, which I was doing myself.”

“However, I was also seeing first home buyers that were making large mistakes where they’re buying expensive properties they can’t afford or buying the wrong kind of properties. So I said, in the first year I would focus mostly on the investors, but I would also help some first home buyers if they’re serious about learning from me.”

Sanjeev’s investment philosophy is built around creating passive income to help make people’s money work for them.

“My own philosophy is to have money work harder for me through property investing and have a stable stream of passive income, which can give me more time for myself, my family and things I really care about without worrying about everyday expenses.”

Armed with a strong investment philosophy and a core network of people around, Sanjeev’s business grew quickly in his first year.

“I and my business got enough support from the people who knew me and have seen the journey while we’re building up our own portfolio. They came forward to use our service with confidence plus a lot of new people also trusted and used our service.”

“It was a year full of learning, being uncomfortable, experiencing new things and I just think so many business sides of things which I never had to think before as I was coming from a full-time nine-to-five job and this was my first business. But given I’m truly passionate about property and the business was aligned to my goals, always helped me to love those sad part of the business where you’re frustrated and, at times, down.”

“Within my first year itself we bought multiple properties across four states and in nine suburbs and we’ve become a national buyer’s agent which means you buy properties across the country. So things are getting better and now we are growing too which brings new sets of challenges, but we are loving it all.”

Being new to the world of operating a business, Sanjeev was able to use the support the BAI early on when he was learning how to truly work with clients.

“BAI has been super helpful for me. The program showed me how a buyer’s agent is solving the purchaser’s problems. I don’t think I could have ever have started this business without the BAI showing me step-by-step how to get started in the business and how to serve the clients.”

“It’s very amazing. I don’t think I could have reached where I am today without their continuous support and help.”

Sanjeev has big goals for his business Investors Dream as he continues to expand his service offerings and continues to focus on identifying the best opportunities from across the country.

“We’re already a national buyer’s agent where we’re buying very-much cherry-picked investment properties across the country based on our clients’ profile and needs.”

“In the next five years, we see ourselves as one of the top tier buyer agencies here in Australia in the investment property space. Our goal is to help our clients with add-value potential properties and also support our clients with property renovations and granny flats, doing smaller sub-divisions which we’re already doing it, but we want to do it on a national level and in a very cost-effective manner as this will help our buyers manufacture equity and they can continue to keep buying properties frequently rather than waiting for the capital growth.”

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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