Helping Others With Small-Scale Developments

by Ben Handler

July 4, 2023

Richard Williams has had a long and successful career as a property investor and developer throughout his career in the Air Force.

After purchasing his first property in 2002, he saw the potential that small-scale developments could have and started looking at opportunities all around the country. His first development got derailed by the GFC, but he was committed to making the process work for him so he could ultimately set himself up for the future.

He eventually went on to purchase properties all around the country in places like Newcastle, Adelaide, Queensland and Perth and complete numerous small development projects like duplexes.

After a lot of success, he eventually started looking at different ways he could help others succeed in property as well.

“I’ve always liked and enjoyed property and small developments,” Richard says.

“I did a few little duplex and small property developments up around Newcastle early on and I always liked that value add side of things.

“As I was looking for the deals anyway for myself, and when I hit that financial lending wall, I knew that there were still nice little deals out there for mum and dad investors.”

He eventually established, Brickport, with the goal of helping others achieve success in property, with a focus on finding value add opportunities, like developments, all around the country.

Richard has also been sharing his love of property by providing education and networking to property investors and developers for over five years and runs regular property development workshops in Sydney, which has helped get his business off the ground.

Richard also trained as an explosives engineer while in the Air Force and that’s something he feels has helped him when it comes to small-scale developments, because of how much you need to focus on mitigating risks.

He worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to help get the business established and said it was key to helping him change his thinking around what his goals needed to be.

“I think BAI is great, especially the mindset stuff,” he says.

“When I got into property more than 10 years ago, I always saw myself as an employee.

“But it’s like, well, no, actually, what’s the next step? How do I build a business?

“How do I bring people into that and bring myself out of the business and actually have something of value?

“The mindset material with Adrian, in particular, is particularly useful on that.”

He said that it was also great to be able to speak with more established buyers agents who were able to give him some insights on why you need to be patient and understand that it takes time to build a business, especially in real estate when it can take up to 12 months to convert a lead into a client.

“Getting that exposure to people in the industry that have been in it for a number of years is really good,” he explains.

Richard says that while he is now continuing to build momentum with his business, it’s important for others who want to pursue a career as a buyers agent to take a long-term perspective.

“I think just get started and start small and build your processes up,” he believes.

“Build your network up because you will underestimate the amount of time it takes to build meaningful connections with clients.

“But know you can do it.

“Just keep moving forwards, just pick one thing and, and keep doing it.”

He also suggests to start building trust with future clients right away.

“Get out there and just be seen to be taking action,” he says.

“Get out there to open homes, build relationships with agents, sort your processes out, start to become an expert in something.”

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