Helping Owner Occupiers Ethically

by Ben Handler

September 29, 2020

Jayne Robbins’ transition into a leading buyers agent in Brisbane has been a natural progression, having started out as a highly successful investor.

With a keen interest in property, Jayne and her husband were able to purchase their first property when she was only 24. With a background in accounting and it was clear that Jayne was someone her friends and family would turn to when they needed advice on property and that sparked her interest in turning that skillset into a business.

“After we had our children, I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to be in control of what I did with my time and I came across the idea of a buyer’s agent and could see that it was something that would be personally fulfilling as well as professionally fulfilling.”

“I felt that ethically, areas of the industry didn’t align very well to myself, but I figured if I started my own company, I would be able to call the shots how I wanted.”

One of the most important foundations of the way Jayne operates is all-around ethics and her goals are focused on doing the very best for her clients.

“When I mapped out how I was going to start my business I just implemented that plan around quitting my job, going and getting my licence, setting up the company and just took it one step at a time and I didn’t get disheartened.

“My business isn’t about being the biggest or buying the most property or having the most clients, it’s about being the most ethical in the industry.”

After helping so many of her family and friends find properties, focusing on owner-occupiers was a natural fit for her.

“I’m 100% focused on owner-occupiers who want to buy in the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane. That’s around eight to ten kilometres from the CBD and I primarily work with families upgrading their homes. They’re predominately buying four or five-bed homes in the inner-city suburbs. That is pretty much that’s my speciality – I don’t do investments.”

“A lot of couples are attracted to me because oftentimes the mum feels very confident that I can see it through their own eyes. I don’t put options that have got poor layouts or something that’s not going to work for my clients to them.”
“Given my numbers background, the investment side would have been a natural fit, but I find owner-occupiers are much more rewarding to work with.”

Early on Jayne started working with the BAI in a bid to better understand the business side of being a buyers agent, given her background as an investor was already well established.

“The program has been perfect for what I needed because I knew how to buy property, I was very familiar with property in the areas that I was buying in.”

“But what it’s been very good for was that I was very unfamiliar with the process of sales and I think I had been going through my life not realising that anyone was ever selling me a product. I went through life saying, “Yes, I want this. I’m going to buy it. No, I don’t need that, thank you very much.” I was very unaware of that process that people have to make decisions on who they want to work with. So it was great training for me personally in that sense.”

“I feel like having the support of Ben when you’re on your own, it has been really important because it would have been difficult finding your own way through things working by yourself all the time.”

Going forward Jayne wants to continue to work with owner-occupiers and grow her business, The Informed Buyer, at her own pace.

“I feel like everyone wants to put more staff on and have a bigger headquarters, but for me, I don’t see that as really where I want to take it.”

“I just want to be dealing with the client. Just having ideal clients all the time and just having consistency in that is probably where I want to be.”

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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