Helping Owner-Occupiers Invest in Tasmania

by Ben Handler

May 23, 2023

When David Zerna was young he knew that property was going to be the way in which he could set himself up for the future.

At the age of 21, he purchased his first property, before going on to expand his portfolio with his wife as they ran their own business.

After successfully investing for many years, friends, family and business associates started asking David about property investing and it made him realise that this was something that he could ultimately move into in a full-time capacity.

“I was interested in property from a young age from my father and I always saw property as a good wealth driver and bought my first property when I was 21,” David says.

“Understanding the investment vehicle that is it made it very enticing.”

“We really grew our portfolio in line with our goals to help us achieve things late in life and let time do its thing.”

David says once other people knew that they were actively buying properties he started getting a lot of attention from those around him.

He says said he had to put a big focus on communicating to his friends and family that it was OK to own more than one or two properties and that it was a great way to build long-term wealth.

“That how the buyer’s agency really started,” he explains.

“I really wanted to help other people buy property, not only for investment but also for owner occupier reasons, but buy the right property for the right reason in the right location.”

David’s business, Timar Buyers Agency, now focuses on helping owner-occupiers purchase property in Tasmania, but he does it with an investment mindset.

He helps people buy quality properties that will see good long-term capital growth and even finds ways to get people to purchase their dream home as an investment to give them a better opportunity to see the benefits of the growth it can achieve.

“We help people who relocate to Tasmania, people who move within Tasmania, but also people who want to buy their future principal place of residence and initially purchase it as an investment,” he says.

“That’s becoming more prevalent as time goes on.

“That’s a bit of a niche of ours where we use an investment mindset and methodology, around purchasing it for 10 years and then they’re going to live in it or move to a new location to live in it.”

David says Tasmanians traditionally will move to other parts of the country but will come home eventually, which is why it’s valuable to think about where you want to live today.

According to David, he was able to get Timar off the ground relatively easily, given his long-term experience as a property investor and with an already established network of people around him who were excited to receive his help.

Much of his business still comes through his large referral network and as a result, he’s always been able to generate steady business since starting.

He said that he was also fortunate enough to learn a lot of lessons from the first business he established with his wife which she continues to run on her own.

David also worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says that it was incredibly valuable when he was getting started.

“The BIA network and the support it provides is really beneficial in understanding what a buyer’s agency is and what a client’s expectation is and having those support mechanisms with the wider group and probably more Ben himself, being able to answer things weekly was unbelievably important,” he explains.

“You have a lot of obstacles as you start your own business and having that support there
so you didn’t sit on them and your clients didn’t feel like there were any issues because we could deal with it through the weekly clinics and through the network.”

“There were also a lot of other buyers agents who were established and really willing to lend a hand and open up.

“It was extremely valuable.”

Going forward, David wants to continue to grow his business, but also help people understand more about property so they can make better decisions for themselves.

“Through my career, we’ve done things organically, slow and steady and built things organically,” he says.

“But in the next little bit, we’re really going to look at what buyer’s agents are and what Tasmania needs out of them and really hone in on the value that we can add as a buyer’s agent in Tasmania.

“We’re going to shoot for the stars in that space.

“We really want to move forward in the education space in Hobart around property and first home buyers and what the relocation means.

“It’s not just about buying people homes it’s about educating them so that they make the right decisions themselves and have the resources to make those decisions.”

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