Helping People Live The Life They Want

by Ben Handler

May 15, 2024

James Thompson grew up around property with his family being investors in the UK, however, when he moved to Australia, he didn’t know how he could get into the industry.

Despite having a background in sales, he didn’t want to pursue the selling side of real estate and was drawn to helping buyers.

James eventually got his start working with another buyers agent after transitioning out of his sales based business and quickly learnt the ropes and realised he had also found his passion.

“Being a buyers agent really offers the freedom for the people who are purchasing property,” James says.

“People talk about how property is just an asset, but given the leverage available, people can really build a big portfolio and live the life they want to live.”

James says working as a buyers agent was something that also appealed to him from a lifestyle perspective.

“I wanted to be my own boss and it presents the lifestyle that I want, where I can really look after people,” he explains.

“A big part of me loves having close relationships with people and giving them a great service.”

“I always blossom in relationships where everybody was getting the best out of it.”

James says that because he had a number of years of experience working in the industry when he launched his own business, Buyers Network, the transition was a lot smoother.

His focus is on the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and helps a range of buyers who are looking to enter the exclusive location.

“I do really specialise in the Eastern suburbs but I will buy across in North Sydney as well, but realistically, I’m a specialist in the Eastern suburbs,” he says.

“That’s where I have a lot of my relationships and that is my niche.

“I’ve got a track record here and I’ve got good relationships with people.”

James worked with the Buyers Agents Institute (BAI) and says it was fantastic in getting his business up and running.

“It gave me a lot of confidence to move forward,” he believes.

“It also really enabled me, with the team that they have there, and all the systems that they have in place that I could start a business quickly.”

James has managed to get his business off the ground rapidly and is steadily signing up around three new clients each month.

He is also looking to bring on his first team member and mentor him to help add another layer of support.

For people looking to get into the industry, James says that the key is just getting started.

“It’s very easy when you’re starting a new business to get analysis paralysis,” he says.

“Wanting the perfect website, wanting the perfect logo, who’s your perfect client.

“And it, it kind of stops them.”

He suggests diving into a program like the BAI and then getting started straight away.

“ You don’t need a website, just go out and start having the conversations with people,” he says.

“Just start doing it and don’t get stuck in the grey area between, trying to get everything perfect before, because nothing’s ever perfect.

“Even if you’ve been doing it for 10 years, you’re never going to have the perfect business, you’re never going to have the perfect referral network, you just need to get out there and learn on the way.”

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