How Do Buyer’s Agents Help People Buy Homes For A Living?

by Ben Handler

July 16, 2020

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There’s an emerging trend in Australia that is changing the Real Estate Industry. 

The old way of buying a home that favoured the seller is outdated. And the new way, where buyers are well represented and have their needs met, is being ushered in by a dynamic, forward-thinking group of Buyer’s Agents. 

So where did these Buyer’s Agents come from? 

Although it may seem like it,  they didn’t just magically appear on the scene. 

The number of Buyer’s Agents in Australia has been growing steadily over the last few years. And I am proud to say, I’m one of the main people responsible for that. 

Before I started the Buyer’s Agent Institute, the number of Buyer’s Agents in Australia was dwarfed by the number of Real Estate Agents. But the number is growing day by day. 

It’s so great to know that there are so many people out there that share my passion for helping people to buy their home. 

But the problem is, there still isn’t enough Buyer’s Agents to fill the demand. And sadly, people are buying homes without being represented by a Buyer’s Agent. 

So what does a Buyer’s Agent do for a home buyer? 

Buyer’s Agents can do 3 things for a home buyer… 

#1: Take The Stress Out Of Looking For A House

The Buyer’s Agent can do all the leg-work and search for a property for the buyer.

And this is a huge advantage right now. As you know, it’s difficult for buyers to attend open houses or request inspections, so Buyer’s Agents can liaise with Real Estate Agents to attend on the behalf of the buyer.

And they have always been able to do that, but nowadays it’s even more important than ever. In the past, Buyer’s Agents saved home buyer’s time by not showing them houses that didn’t match their criteria. 

But it’s not the “waste of time” aspect that’s the issue anymore. It’s the inability to attend open houses due to border lockdowns or the risk of being in a house with a bunch of random strangers. We need to consider our health and safety. 

The Buyer’s Agent can organise a time with the seller or agent to have a private viewing. 

#2: Find You The Best Home For Your Needs

All you need to do it to give the Buyer’s Agent a list of your requirements… and they look for appropriate properties for you. 

Unlike the traditional way of buying a home, you don’t need to fit into what the seller wants to give you. The Buyer’s Agent finds the property that suits you.

And, Buyer’s Agents often have lists of “off-market” properties and properties that need quick sales. So there are more options to choose from than meets the eye. 

#3: Get You The Best Deal

Buyers Agents can also negotiate the purchase of your new property on your behalf (including price and terms).

And of course, because they help people buy houses every day…  they know all the pitfalls and where buyers often go wrong. So that makes your home purchase a more enjoyable one and is a lot of cases… a cheaper one. 

So that’s 3 things Buyer’s Agents can do for homebuyers and there are a lot more.

When I tell people that they can do all that as a living, they sometimes think it’s too good to be true. And that’s because helping people to buy a home is pretty simple once you know-how. 

And if you love buying houses, then you get to do your passion as your profession. 

As a Buyer’s Agent, you can make a great living and make a huge difference in people’s lives. I don’t know too many professions that get to do both of these at the same time.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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